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Monday, July 23, 2007
My friend called and said go see this show. He knows a couple of the cast members. I don't like Sondheim shows much, they're too much work, and sometimes they're really bizarre. And community theatres don't usually do them very well. But my friend said this one's good, and I remembered this was the group that did "Titanic" last year. That show blew me away, so I went to see "Company". And after I saw Feather's review, I decided I would put my two cents worth in.

The show is not perfect, but I really enjoyed it. Musically, it's a very good show. The voices are very strong and very good. The quality of acting is good, too, and I like the way it was staged. Sometimes the sound was weak and I had to strain to hear the lines, but not often. The lead, Bobby, has a terrific voice and played his character with a lot of fun. The scene he has with the flight attendent is very funny and the stories they traded in that scene were hilarious. Bobby's last song, "Being Alive" was great!! I also liked Harry and Sarah, although they only had one scene, except for some bits and pieces. Harry's voice is a big, rich baritone and he knows how to sell a lyric, even Sondheim's, which can be pretty complex and hard to follow. I wish he had had more to sing. I also liked the three girlfriends. Their song together was dynamite as was Marta's song about New York. She had a great look and voice.

The set was simple, but really striking with the black and white and blue they chose, and all the cubes. It made you use your imagination.

I read what Educator wrote about Joanne and I agree. Her lines sounded like they belonged to an older (but not old) woman, and she didn't look the part. She has a nice voice, but I didn't believe her as Joanne.

This show was much different than "Titanic" which was produced by the same two guys, both of whom are in this show. One plays the lead Bobby. I really loved "Titanic" and after seeing "Company", I thought these guys are really risk-takers, and I like that. "Titanic" was a huge show to do and they really pulled it off and "Company" is such a different kind of show. I think they've done a great job with both.

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