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Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
Don't Feed The Plants, but do see Little Shop
Monday, October 1, 2007
This is one of my favorite musicals, so my expectations are always high. I get annoyed by directors who ignore the comic bits and stampede through the show just to get to the songs. This did not happen here. In fact, the director found even more bits, and most worked. The lighting design was absolutely incredible. I felt the green specials shining down through out the show were a bit too much, but I'm being very picky. It was hands down the best lighting job I have seen for this show. Jeff Juday as Seymour was one of the best. I have seen directors cast 19 year olds to play this, and it is always a huge mistake. How can we feel sorry for someone beaten down by life if they aren't even old enough to buy a beer? Jeff, who is an older Seymour just makes sense. Also, his voice was good, but not great. Never off pitch, but sometimes frail. I have heard "Perfect vocals" in this role, and it's not as real or endearing. Audrey(played by Claci Miller) seems like his perfect match. Her vocals were incredible. I would have liked to see her play up her being naive a bit more. I found Geoff Uterhardt to be an adequate Dentist. Where he really shined, was in the multiple roles other than Orin. He had complete character changes, with changes down to the detail. The 3 Urchins were the best I have seen, and that includes New York. I was amazed at just hoe engaging they were. They are accented by Ricardo Aponte's very fresh choreography. The rest of the cast fit their roles and rounded out a great ensemble.

Okay, where the show lost half a point. First, there were a couple of scenes blocked so far downstage (& off Stage) that the actors were barely visible. And the fact that the show that was so perfect in so many ways, was tracked. I know it was probably a necessity, but oh-how I would have loved to hear a live band!

Again, a wonderful job to all!

Whole World Theatre Comedy Improv, by Whole World Players
Great Improv-Hard to Do
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I have always been a fan of great improv. Ever since the "who's Line" boom, many others have joined in. If you miss it on TV, this is a good show to see. I enjoyed the fast on their feet thinking of this group. One of the members seemed a bit slow on the uptake, but everyone has a bad night.

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee
Great Moments do not make a whole show
Monday, September 10, 2007
There are many good things about director, John Christian's-To Kill A Mockingbird.
Let's start with those. First, Most of the ensemble were quite talented and made their roles believable. Kevin Tillery as Atticus Finch was superb and very realistic in the role. There are parts he could have been a bit more tender in, but he did a fine job. Kara Tillery (either his real life daughter, or an amazing coincidence?)Was the best of the three children. The other two were good, when focused. She brought a sincerity to the role not often seen in child actors. Both the folks playing Ewells were stand outs as well. The Tom Robinson did a superb job of not over playing a role that too often is. The mob scene in front of the jail was inventive, and I give kudos to the show for it. Where the show breaks down, is that it lacks being consistent. One great scene followed by horrific narration by Miss Maudie, followed by scene changes that make no sense, followed by dimly lit and hard to see scenes. So I rate this smack Dab in the middle. 2.5 is a solid C. If they can pick up the pace and correct a couple of things it could easily be a 4.

TEACHERS, the Musical!, by Robin Seidman
The Little Show That Could
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
It started out as an idea that quickly went to readings directed by Jeffry Brown and done at Theatre Decatur. The next step, Cobb Playhouse...strike that...Theatre On Main. This show has a bunch of goos in it. Though billed as "Stories from the teachers lounge", it's more of a farce than a documusical. The best thing about the show is that the actors seem to have fun (weather they can sing or not). The fact they act oblivious to their short comings makes up some of the charm of this show. All the characters have delusions of grandeur, so why not the actors? It works, and comes across funny. there is a lesson to be learned here about committing to your role. There is nothing worse than watching an actor who is uncomfortable on stage. The show moves quickly and is pretty entertaining at points. The problem is, the show needs to decide weather or not it is a farce, romantic comedy or light hearted drama. That is were the show seems choppy and unstable. Like Blue Suede Inn before it, the characters become so cartoon like that you can't possibly relate. Well, with that aside-it is fun to watch. I agree with earlier comments that the set and lighting were lacking. Supposedly the quality of these issues was to improve with the new management. I guess not. These things are imoportant. Lighting and set is another character in a show. If it is weak it brings down the over all quality of the show. okay, school is out for toady.

Bermuda Avenue Triangle, by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna
A Cross between GOLDEN GIRLS & Last Tango In Paris
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I think it is fair that I judge the show as I saw it, but issue a disclaimer. The folks at Kudzu have evidently been struggling to get their new digs open. Therefore the show opened with a whirl, and somethings were left undone until this upcoming weekend. Fixing some of these issues I am bout to go into, would easily make this show a 4. Alas, when I saw it that was not the case. First let me point out that every actor did at least a decent job. Considering what they may have been up against getting the show up, that says a bunch. The stand outs were Linda Niles & Gloria Szokoly as the two old women forced by their daughters to move to a retirement condo in Las Vegas. They had great comic timing and very well developed and believable characters. They missed having some variations in their characters which is more of a directing issue, or maybe alas the time crunch. The one actor who had various comic levels (bordering on genius) was Paul Komorner as Rabbi Levine. Every time he hit the stage the audience perked up. George Crolius as Johnny was very believable, but I would have loved to see more build to his character. Many of his stories drifted into another, sounding the same. Variety Man! Energy! but all in all a solid job. The two "daughters" did a nice job. Their roles were more the "Exposition setters". Katy Harlow was fun to watch and had very high energy. Erin Greer was probably the weakest actor. Again, all were decent so it is not a bad thing. I didn't see much characterization, and many of her lines seemed forced. Again, much of this might have been because of the cast & Crew playing beat the clock. The director, Greg Fitzgerald gives a nice Rookie outing. The biggest flaw is that he needs to ne able to give comedic build to each scene. That and the long scene changes. I am sure the scene changes will get quicker as the actors adapt to their new space.
And for the record, a 3 to me is a solid C. That is not a bad thing at all. The show can only keep growing and I recommend you give it a try.

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