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A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams
Run over by a streetcar
Sunday, October 19, 2008
My husband and i went to see this show last night. We are theater goers and try to see a play at least once a month. I have to say while we have seen some not so great plays, i have never left at intermission or felt like i had been robbed by the ticket price.
This show was so wrong and so bad for so many reasons, i dont even know where to begin. The venue is terrible, the theater sits right along side the tracks of a train that goes by often and can be heard loudly each time is passes, there was also some sort of concert last night accross the street and the music could be heard all thru the show, clearly not their fault. However, the poor direction, the bad acting and the bad sound all on New Dawn Theater.
At one point a trunk is placed d/s which blocks the audience from the scenes that takes place behind it, and it stays there, unbelievable. The sound bite that is supposed to be the streetcar sounds more like a helicopter. Sherry Ingsbritsen who is the president of this theater group had no business being on stage playing the character of Blanche, and i can only imagine either cast herself or the director was put in a position where he had no choice but to cast her, she was horrible. Fumbling lines like it was opening night, just dumping lines out in this monotone voice, it was painful to watch. The men were nothing special either. Nicole White at least tried to portray that steamy New Orleans, French Quarter feel, but the whiny accent felt like nails on a chalk board after 20 minutes, and i never bought she was really hot for Stanley.
There were scene changes that took forever, while the audience sat in the dark and in total silence for what seemed like forever. The audience was agitated, bored, looking at watches, playing with programs. The program said there was a 15 minute intermission and then another 5 minute intermission between act 2 and 3. I thought we would be there all night. By intermission my husband and i ran for the door and kept running all the way to the car.
This show is a tough one, you have to have a good pace, and chemistry between actors, there was none of this, the pace was deathly slow, the audience didnt care about the characters on stage, they moved like robots, acted like they didnt care about the characters either. Come on New Dawn you cant charge 18.00/ticket for that low quality of performance. I have seen high school plays that were better than this. We will not be returning to this theater ever again, being run over once was enough.

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