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Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
A Brilliant Season Launch!
Saturday, September 15, 2007
Forget the network shows debuting on TV in two weeks. The most exciting season premiere is at The Lyric Theatre and their production of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

This brilliant production helmed by new Artistic Director Brandt Blocker bursts onto the petite Byers Theatre Stage with amazing verve.

The ensemble cast is led by Jeff Juday as Seymore, the nebbish botanist hopelessly smitten with the adorable Audrey (Juday's real life wife Claci Miller). In lesser hands, these two classic characters would become caricatures. Not so here. The broad comedy is tempered with genuine heart and true tenderness. Audrey's demise brought a gentle gasp from the opening night capacity crowd.

And talent runs deep in all the other roles. Googie Uterhardt, is spot on with his array disguises—from his hilarious sadomasochistic Dentist to a charming matron. I was at the edge of my seat waiting for his next entrance. Robert Wayne is wonderfully fussy and full of woe as Mushnick, Brad Bowden brings a sexy seductiveness to the Voice of Audrey II and Justin Sims brings the Plant to life with his terrific puppeteering. As for the Urchins (Ardale Shepherd, Felicia Boswell, Taprena Augustine) I have three words…PER-FEC-TION! Flawlessly executing Ricardo Aponte's clever and fun choreography, the three ladies bring snap to the already sharp show.

The production values on this LITTLE SHOP have heretofore not been seen at The Lyric's Byers space. Although battling some minor glitches due to a thunderstorm, the set, sound and lighting were all top notch. One hopes that this is but foreshadowing of the season to come.

In a touch of irony, the Plant of LITTLE SHOP is plotting world domination. If The Lyric Theatre continues to produce at this caliber, it could soon dominate the musical theatre scene of Atlanta.

Call the box office for tickets today! 404.377.9948

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