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Chicago, by Kander and Ebb
Well worth seeing!
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
After seeing several shows at the Cumming Playhouse, I would have to say Chicago is our favorite musical so far. This was our 9th time at the playhouse, the 6th Rosewater show we have seen. It took us a few visits to the playhouse to realize that there were different theater companies at the playhouse. Yet again, Rosewater put on a wonderful show and my husband and I had a blast. We saw Barefoot in the Park at the playhouse earlier this year and it was great to see that the young man, Daniel VanHiel, who played the husband in that show, was in this show as Billy Flynn. We loved him Barefoot and thought he did a phenomenal job in Chicago.

We saw this show at the Fox and as far as entertainment value goes, we preferred this version of the show. The show as a whole was very entertaining, upbeat, fast paced and the actors were all superb. The music and dancing were phenomenal. I would never have believed that you could fit all those dancers on that small stage, but they did. The band seemed to be having so much fun up there and played extremely well. I loved the set and the lighting was amazing. All the main roles were very strong and they seemed to have great camaraderie on stage. The two lead ladies, Roxie and Velma, were just fantastic and perfect for their roles. I thought they looked the right age and portrayed their roles exactly the way I expected them to be. Sometimes I could not understand Ms. Jann who played Velma, she seemed to rush some of her words but her dancing and singing made up for that. Mama Morton, Amos and Mary Sunshine (who has a beautiful voice) all delivered their performances superbly. The cast as a whole did a great job. Although all the songs were very entertaining, my favorite numbers were Cell Block Tango, Reached For The Gun and Me and My Baby (which was hysterical).

The only negatives were that Amos seemed a little young for the role but that does not mean he didnít do a great job. I just see Amos as being older. And, at certain times during his songs I couldn't hear Billy Flynn. I am not sure if this was a sound issue or whether the band was playing too loud though. However, these were not big issues though and just my opinion as a humble theater goer and they certainly didnít ruin the show. We would have loved to have come back to see the show again, but unfortunately the show is sold out.

Once again, Rosewater put on a fantastic show that was well worth the price of admission and the drive from Alpharetta. I highly recommend dinner at Tams before the show too. We are looking forward to seeing Greater Tuna and whatever they have planned for next year. I hope they bring Chicago back!

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