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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
Wilkommen to Cabaret!
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
This is my second time seeing this company and all that I have to say is coming from years of theater experience.
Starting off, Cabaret is such a difficult show to put on. The whole overview of the show is tough. It deals with topics that are considered "scandalous" to Atlanta audiences. Iíve always wondered how the Atlanta crowd would act when this show would be done here. I saw the Broadway production with Alan Cumming and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
First, I will say that sound was a big issue for myself and my husband. I think we would have been lost if we hadnít seen the show before and already knew most of the dialogue but I feel that the space isnít a good space for sound. It looks to be an old theater that needs to be remodeled. But if you took away the sound, every other aspect of the show was great!
Continuing on, the actors gave a stellar performance.
Brian Clowdus (Emcee) was great! That role fit him perfectly. Being as this was his third time playing the role, I truly feel that this may be a second nature role for him.
Kelly Cusimano (Sally) did a wonderful job. Her voice was very powerful. She hit each of her songs right on the head. She also seemed to grasp the character and ran with it. The only complaint I had with her is that there were times she was too quiet. I donít even think the mics could have helped her.
Nick Morrett (Cliff) did an outstanding job. Cliff is a very intricate character and he did an exceptional job. I sometimes feel that Cliff gets overlooked because the Emcee and Sally shine over Cliff, but I do not feel that this is the case with his performance. I only wish I could have heard him sing more. What a gorgeous voice!
Kayce Grogan-Wallace (Fraulein Schneider)Ö WOW. Even though she didnít fit the role of a white racist, she surely made up for it and blew us out of the theater. What a voice!! She gave me goosebumbs every time she would hit her big money notes. Fantastic!
Jason Meeks (Herr Shultz) did a nice job. He seemed a little awkward on stage at times and there was nothing in the program so I didnít know what else he had done.
Amanda Wilborn (Fr. Kost)- did great! For having such a small part, she definitely ran with it and gave a great performance. She put a certain quality in the role that I had never seen before. And a very nice voice also!
Kevin Vicory (Ernst)- what a great little actor! He actually surprised me! To be that young and have such emotion and great timing, wow. Congrats to him!
The ensemble was very tight! The Kit Kat Girls were fantastic! All of them showed the true style of choreography. I wish there was more numbers to show them off because I feel that they got overlooked. The Kit Kate Boys were also great. The little walk on parts were nice, Nothing memorable but nice.
The BandÖ WOW! Excellent job for just being 5 people!!!!
The only negatives I have about the show would be sound, some costume pieces, and the space.
Over all it was a nice night of theater. I wish they could find a new space to perform in because it seems that they have excellent talent but the space really stinks. But sometimes you have to overlook certain elements and find the true passion for theater and to myself and my husband, we think this company has found that passion.

Disney's High School Musical!, by
High School Musical Two Thumbs Up!
Friday, March 21, 2008
Just this past evening, my husband, granddaughter and I attended a performance of Disney's High School Musical put on by a new theater company, Atlanta Professional Theatre. I had never heard of them before but I was very familiar with some of the people in the cast since I had seen them in some past shows and I was thoroughly impressed with this company. I had never seen the show on stage but have seen the movie several times with my grandchildren and definitely prefer the live stage show.

The first thing I would like to start off with is in response to what some of the other reviewers have written. I do agree with the theater being a ďbadĒ space acoustically, But I think that since it was such an old theater, some remodeling will help those problems in the future. I don't think it affected the performersí performance at all during the show or what the company did with the theater to jazz it up. Actually it set the mood for the show because it does look like an old high school auditorium.

The creative team did an exceptional job. The choreography was very innovative and fun to watch. The set was very well made and visually stimulating. Costumes were great but what really looked nice were the basketball and cheerleader uniforms. Those were fantastic! Lighting was great and sound was good from what we could hear.

The Cast really made this show what it was. We actually saw the understudy for Gabriella, Chelsea Belcastro and she was very good. A few sharp pitches now and then but very well done. And also the Troy was great! I think Justin McGough was much better than Zac Efron. His choices for his vocal runs were pitch perfect! The chemistry between Ryan and Sharpay, Jonathan Maloney and Ally Maher, was great! I wondered if they had it right off the bat in rehearsals or not. The only complaint was I wish I could have heard Ally much more since her voice was beautiful. Maybe a microphone issue? Chad and Taylor were good. They didnít really stand out to me but they were not forgotten. I will disagree with another comment posted on here that Melanie was bland. Personally, I thought she fit the role well and loved her solo lines. She really put her own flare to it. Nicholas Morrett as Zeke was hilarious! I have seen him in past shows and he gets better and better. Great comic timing and again amazing voice! Martha Cox was also a show stealer! Bonnie Chambless was hysterical! When she popped out of the wall in that one scene, my granddaughter almost fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard. Great job! Kelli Hall as Kelsi was an interesting choice. Ironically, she looked just like the girl from the movie! Chris Hall did a good job as Coach Bolton and Kay Hall also was very funny as Mrs. Darbus. I really didnít mind her accent at all. I think it added something different to the show. The rest of the ensemble was a little bit of a let down. I donít feel that they were as strong as the leads and I wish they would have been more energetic, especially in the last 15 minutes of the show. But none the less, they were decent. Some of them did stand out: The Crab and Ripper (Tyler Kanady), the earthworm, soloists in the audition scene and the cheerleaders. For those of you who have seen the show, you will understand who I mean. I donít remember their names. Sorry but great job to whoever you are!

Overall I feel that this show was a job well done! It seemed to be a huge task for this company to take on and I feel that for this show being one of their first ones, they did a exceptional job! I would recommend this company and would love to see what they put on in the future! Their upcoming season looks fantastic! My granddaughter gave this show two thumbs up so in my eyes, it was a hit!!

The Mikado, by Gilbert & Sullivan
G&S would be rolling over in their grave, but entertaining none the less
Friday, February 8, 2008
This past weekend, I attended ďThe MikadoĒ at Georgia Perimeter College put on by the Atlanta Theatre Arts Guild. As a Gilbert and Sullivan fan, I found myself questioning some of the choices that were made for this production. I also felt very offended by the changes of the text. While humorous at times, they were extremely inappropriate and misplaced. The blocking of the show was just O.K.

On a positive note, the set was visually pleasing while the costumes were vibrant and the wigs were stunning. (Congrats to the creative team)Yet, the singing left something to be desired. One would think that a show that is so centered around the music that the singing would be the focus of the production, but that clearly was not the case, with the exception of a few cast members.

On a positive note, stand out performances from Nicholas Morrett as Ko-Ko, Katie Rouse as Katisha, Matthew Carter as Pooh-Bah, Kevin Harry as Pish-Tush and Lindsey Martin as Peep-Bo. Obviously a vocally challenging role for Carter, his impeccable comedic timing made up for it. Although a small role, Lindsey Martin stood out in the trio and I wish I could have heard more of her beautiful voice. The strong chemistry between Katie Rouse and Nicholas Morrett combined with their phenomenal talent and soaring voices carried the show and made the last 20 minutes the most enjoyable of the production.

On a not so positive note, the roles of Nanki-Poo played by Marc Megahee and Yum-Yum played by Camilla Zeapfel were disappointing. Their voices lacked training and their overall presence onstage revealed their inexperience in performance in general, and I found myself loosing interest whenever they were onstage. The role of The Mikado played by Jeffrey David Gibb was entertaining, but I felt overwhelmed by the size of his voice and the fact that he had trouble blending in Act One when he was a nobleman. Ava Thibodeau portrayal of Pitti-Sing was misguided and she seemed lost and confused onstage. Her voice was a darker quality and I found myself not being able to understand what she was singing. In every G&S operetta, the ensemble is the foundation of the production as a whole; without them, the production founders. For the most part, their voices were weak, their overall presence onstage was awkward and the direction they were given did not seem to fit the rest of the action on stage.

Even though it seemed the negative outweighed the positive, it was entertaining none the less and it was a great night of theatre.

Chicago, by Kander and Ebb
And All That Jazz!!
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
My Husband and I went and saw Rosewater's Production of "Chicago" this past Saturday night. We had heard many different opinions about how the show was. From not being from the Cumming area, I didn't know what to expect with this show. But after we left, I found myself very pleased with what we saw! As an overview of the show, I felt that it was very well done and they had their moments of greatness and also some moments where a few kinks needed to be worked out still but being almost done with the run, I forgave that.

The set was very simple yet very effective. It did creat more enterences and exits but it did "wabble" a little as most flats do if to thin. But overall I loved the set. Very nice job and kudos to whoever painted those flats!

To Bob and the Orchestra, Fantastic!! The Orchestra, I have found, never gets the proper appreciation! You guys made that show! The trumpet player was dead on while the drummer and tuba player kept that great Jazz beat in my feet. The trombone and woodwind player were also great!!

To the director of the show, very well done! Chicago is such a hard show to stage and I appreciate the fact that you did not copy the movie so much. The Choreographer on the other hand I was not impressed with. Some of the numbers were great but I found myself very confused. Was she the choreographer from the movie because when I watched the movie with my husband, I found myself going.."this looks very familiar to what we saw on stage". I can understand if you have to take one or two moves, but more than half the show? That was one of the only drawbacks I had. Also when reading her bio, it seemed that she had some experience from Choreographing shows and I hope she didnt copy thos shows from the movies also.

Now on to the cast. Kudos to you all for a fantastic job!! You all had your shinning moments. Many characters stuck out but there were a few that really took me by suprised. Who knew Cumming could have such talent in that city?! I particularly loved was the character of Amos Hart played by Nicholas Morrett. I have never been so impressed before by a performer. He really had the heart and honestly that Amos is supposed to have. His voice was fantastic and he needs to be on broadway or at least be somewhere where he can show off his amazing talent! Along side him needs to be Lauren Jann. She was amazing as Velma Kelly!! I believed her and she was perfect for the part! The dancing and singing was great! Not pitchy at all! Kathy Russell, whom I am guessing is Bob Russell's wife, was also a stand out in the crowd! What a way to take a part and run with it! In the performances of Mama Morton I have seen, it's always an african american woman but she was great! She really gave that part a different flare and I loved it! Lisa Riley as roxie wouldn't have been my first choice because of the age factor but I found myself really enjoying her peformance! She seemed a little winded at the end of the Hot Honey Rag but I thought she did great! Billy Flinn couldnt have been more perfect! Daniel van Heil was great! So believeable! He took that character and really found the true Billy Flinn!! I found myself shocked when Mary Sunshine was played by a woman but Amanda Pickard was wonderful. A very different take on the character but I guess it's hard to find a counter-tenor in Cumming Georgia! I liked the way they masked her from a "whore" to reporter back to "whore". Very well played! As for the rest of the cast who played all the other parts great job! To Christopher Ryan Smith Great job on the Jury sequence!! Hillarious!!! All cell block girls were great!!

There were only a few critisisms for this production I would have. First of all, the only thing that annoyed me was that there weren't enough men! And I hated that because they do some of the best numbers in the show. Not saying that G.S.Riler, Andy Dahn, Christopher Smith and Tyler Kanady didn't do well, but I would have loved to seen at least 2 or more men. Also a big pet peeve of mine is when your are in the ensemble of a show, sing as an ensemble not a s a soloists. I found a few people sticking out sometimes and it was kind of annoying. Andy Dahn did a great job and has a beautiful voice but I think he stuck out a few times. Another critisism of mine were the costumes. Fortunatly most of the cast was in great shape and you all looked amazing but if you know that you are going to be in chicago, don't wear a see-thru shirt if you don't have the body for it. I would have taken care of that when you had the Costume Parade. The last one I have was the fact that they started almost 15 minutes late. It was partially due to the almost what seemed like 10 minute speech prior to the show. I would have much rather read it in the program. Keep it down to 2 minutes or maybe record it on a tape and play it because the introduction to the show by the one cast member was good enough!

Overall I gave the performance a 4.0 because I thought it was well done and it seemed that the vision of the show was acheived, Even though there were a few gliches along the way. I hope to see more outstanding shows at Rosewater Theater Company and I hope to see some of the fellow actors and actresses on Broadway or the next time I go to the Fox!! Congradulations!

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