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Chicago, by Kander and Ebb
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Friday, October 12, 2007
I have been fortunate to see theater in many venues over the years and for community theater, I must say the Holly is by far my favorite. I have often heard it called "The Little Theater that Could" and that certainly is an understatement with their current producition of Chicago. I have seen the show twice and must say it gets better and better.

Becky Binion's choreography is true to the Fosse style and pizzaz and the ensemble handles it with great precision and poise.

Colleen Green's direction is right on the target for me. The show flows well with no lags or slow downs. She has truly brought together one talented cast of performers.

Heatherly Nelson brings Velma to life. Her energitic performance from start to finish is amazing. Her voice is strong, acting is flawless and dancing is nothing short of amazing. She has many moments of comedy and the timing is great. I have seen her in productions before and this is my most favorite performance to date.

Stephanie Grasier is an adorable Roxie. Her voice and dancing are very strong for someone at a young age. Her monologue before the song "Roxie" is both cute and funny. Her facial expressions are priceless.

Valerie Fambrough is one my favorite Mamas. She is strong, in charge and can belt out a song like its nobody's business. She delivers her lines directly and with great timing.

Jamie Fambrough brings out the pitifulness (if thats a word) of Amos from start to finish. And speaking of finish, when he asks for his exit music and the band is ignoring him is a culminating moment for his character and he simply says "Okay" and slide offstage...great!!

John Certusi as Billy brings his own to the character. He was nothing like Richard Gere or sleazy. I felt he moved from both suave to greasy depending on the point in the show and has a very strong voice and it certainly showed.

A. Snider as Mary Sunshine was excellent. The song was very cute, funny and captured your attention. The point in the show were Mary Sunshine is unveiled is unhillarious as he exits. He was another bright spot in this great production.

Rather than go on and mention each ensemble member (and I could), I will say that this ensemble was strong as a group and very spot on with the many moments they assume the smaller roles in the show. Stand outs include Jay Varnedoe in the "Tap Dance" scene, Susan Foster and Justin Green in the courtroom, and Stephanie Neuman as Hunyak and all that Hungarian she had to learn. Cell Block Tango was "HOT" and all the girls were Fantasitic! Mona was adorable!

Lastly and not least the BAND. Leigh Ann McIvain's direction and musical style was also fantastic! Every number was strong and excellent. The moment with Amos was totally hillarious and brought the band right into the show as it should be. The applying of lipstick, reading newspapars were spot on with Amos.

Again, a fantastic performance with a strong cast. The Holly certinaly has something else to be proud of. Its just gets better and better.

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