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Hell's Bells!, by Poe, Rosetti, Service, Carroll, Bierce, et al
From Sarah Onsager
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Friends --

I was one of the fortunate souls in the house this past weekend for HELL'S
BELLS, a Savage Tree production (going on through this weekend, November
18!) at Theater Decatur.

As actors, playwrights, and performers, we share a love of words, music, and
visual artistry. THIS SHOW HAS IT ALL!

The stellar cast performs as a true ensemble, from the opening number
(everyone plays an instrument -- WELL!) to the quieter moments. From the
ghostly to the mischievous, there's not an emotion unexplored.

The "Actors Director," Kyle Crew, has fed his merry band a feast of words
and imagery, and the audience member is the lucky diner.

But they need bodies in the seats!

I know that we are looking toward Thanksgiving, but listening to classic
literary pieces of the macabre can certainly make you thankful for what you

Please support this fine production with your attendance. You will be glad
you did!

yours ever,
Sarah O.

Hell's Bells!, by Poe, Rosetti, Service, Carroll, Bierce, et al
Show commentary from Joanna Daniel
Thursday, November 15, 2007
The estimable Joanna Daniel saw the show on Sunday Night (Nov. 11). Those of you who are acquainted with Ms Daniel know her for keen eye, her trained ear, and considerable talent and good taste.

Of "Hell's Bells", she remarks:

"So I went to see this amazing show Sunday night, it was this ghoulish collection of ghastly tales and creepy ghost stories adapted for the stage by some insane weirdo who seems to have thing for Poe and Saki, and wants to share it with, of all things, an audience ... can you believe it? from the moment the Goreyesque fantasy began, I was transported from the rather pitiful and dour theatre auditorium through a dreamlike sequence of cautionary tales, nightmarish
fantasies, disturbing scenarios, bizarre but brief snatches of the strangest
characters, and a chorus of reciting voices which needed no musical
accompaniment since it was music itself. The bare space in which these men and
women and children moved and ranted and whispered became a place haunted by a
world of spirits. some new, some familiar, re-kindling forgotten memories and
reminding me of that dark place which tempts us all, even though we try to
pretend w e're not at all curious.

hmmm .... you should check it out for yourself, might be something you'd enjoy,
in a weird sort of way ..."

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