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Ratatouille [ALL REVIEWERS]
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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
Pretty Enjoyable
Friday, July 18, 2008
Well I just want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the show. I'm not quite sure what shows everyone else went to, but the one I went to last night was pretty good. As an actress myself I do know that people go through different problems with each show, no show is ever going to be perfect especially when it comes to real life theatre.I also have to agree IF YOU'RE GOING TO WRITE A REVIEW ABOUT YOUR OWN SHOW WRITE IT AS AN AUDIENCE PERSPECTIVE... I'm realizing play-by-play that when the word professional is put into a theatre's name that people have these high expectations, but as long as it says community theatre they don't critique it as harsh. I've done a professional show before and compared to Caberet my show looked like it was put on by a high school drama club (notice I said "drama club" not theatre). POSTIVES: The set was pretty nice I like the nice little picture frame.I really loved the Emcee and Frau Schneider. They both had beautiful voices and I really enjoyed their performances, they were both so into their roles and made it even more interesting. I loved the dance numbers the kit kat girls were all on point especially with the chair number.We all know it's difficult trying to get everyone to land and turn at the same time, but they managed so kudos to the girls. Sally singing was good, but the only thing I didn't like about her performance was that it lacked life of the character she just sang like she had no life in her body (did I mention she looks like Liza Minellie. Oh and the concession stand had great prices I was shocked I got everything they NEGATIVES: The only real problem I had was that the mic kept going in and out especially Sally's so it was sort of hard at times to follow the story line,but I got the idea of it. The mic thing is neither here or there, it's nothing that had anything to do with the cast unless someone in the cast is Carrie with telekentic powers and I doubt it.. but from all the talk people have been saying that the theatre was an old insane asylum and that the theatre's haunted....just something to think about regarding the mic problem......
- Rat Out

Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
Little Shop of Laughs
Thursday, April 10, 2008
Well I really enjoyed the show. The set was really good and believeable, The audrey II puppeteers were pretty good it just kind of killed the mood when you actually saw the people in black inside the mouth. The music was good having a live orchestra always helps. They were fantastic. But I can't expect anything less coming from the Kudzu Playhouse. Audrey's voice was beautiful she really knew how tell a story. Seymore also had a phenominal voice too.(Personally he was too cute to play that dorky roll)haha. But he still did a good job. I didn't really like the idea of the stragglers coming on on stage before the show started especially that chick who was POPPING THAT ---- GUM!! Irritating and then she continued to do it during the curtain speech how rude. The doo wop girls were very interesting,Ronnett the soprano was great but she didn't belong in that sort of show her singing like many others was too refined to do a comedy like that. The other two girls were really good Crystal oh my goodness everytime she sang I thought I was at a Diva of Lengends concert. Chiffon (the one with pigtails i believe) was good when I finally heard her she sang soft and if someone could give her the note STOP CONCENTRATING SO HARD. When she was singing her facially expression was dead she was concentrating too hard and it took away from me listening to her sing. Other than that the show was Fantastic. I would love to see it again before it closes.
Rat Out-

Runaway Bride, by Beverly Cantwell and Deborah Childs
Words Can't Express It ; Can THEY?
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Ok well.. I don't know where to start so it's as my friends always say,"it's always best to start at the beginning". I actually saw this show weeks ago, but it was so..perhaps..well..I couldn't even comment on it, it's taken some time for me to get my words together and I'm going to do the best I can.
I'll start by saying. CAST I FEEL SOOOOOOO SORRY FOR YOU! IF I WERE YOU ALL I'D BE EMBARASSSSSED TO DO THAT CRAP.The script was obviously poorly written. The show didn't make sense at all. Down to buisness. The set was REMARKABLE, kudos to the set designer... in the words of Borat "NOT". I guess it's called using your imagination (seriously). It was mainly about the City of Duluth um ok yeah what about the bride. I thought this show was going to be on point. I was so excited I just knew that it was going to be to a button presser& all sorts of crude. But it was more of a poorly written satire. I didnt understand all the brides, but maybe legal purposes. A few of the songs that were sung were sung by people who were much too refined to sing those songs, don't get me wrong they sounded good, just too refined. It had its funny moments: marching,chicken-choking,the rap, MAYOR & 1 specific COP. The show had GREAT PROPS I'm serious about that compliment, but I guess they had to, to make up for the SET.OH P.S. A Lot of Celebrities were in the play. Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson etc. HAHA Well I guess I'm finished. I would LOVE to see these Actors & Actresses in a different prodution. Hope you guys made good friends cause obviously you didn't make good reviews.
-Rat Out

Bathhouse, the Musical, by by Tim Evanicki and Esther Daack
Um.... Well this is New
Friday, February 29, 2008
So yeah...well um this is new.. I went and saw the production and I was kind of at a lost for words in a confused sort of way. I'm not really sure if I liked or disliked it. I have to be brutally honest.. So I'll get started
Billy the lead had a great voice and I loved his one song where he was singing really fast it was hot and so was he, but the last duet with Maurice should've been taken out of the show or either made a solo that song wasn't hitting on anything. D.L. He had a beautiful voice he added a little style so if they have vocal coaches kudos to them he was also cute. ( I noticed he has pearly white teeth if you read this please give me some tips). Okay Teddy WTF....I thought he was going to choke and die on stage the way he kept swallowing his tongue when he sang yeah. Maurice had a nice voice. Hottie man just keep doing your thing. I have to agree with big fan I don't know if Hottie was supposed to be off or slow, but he was funny as H**. His towel won't necessarily stay, but hey he's still funny. I liked most of the dancing, but it sort of looks like they had last minute changes in choreography I've done plenty of shows like that so I know what it looks like and it definitly looked changed.Last,but not least the computer scene DOES NOT make sense. If you don't know all the terms then it's really NOT FUNNY. All in all it was a pretty decent gay show if you go brush up on your text messaging terms.
-Rat Out

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