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Disney's High School Musical, by
East High at its Worst
Saturday, October 25, 2008
I regret not forfeiting my tickets. I also took my 10 year old niece who is obsessed with the HSM trilogy, and even she was disappointed and fell asleep during Act 2. Every other review has said what needs to be said, so I'll just maintain my review to a minimum. Long story short, the acting was dry; dancing was messy; singing was the only redemptive quality.

Troy- Not in touch with his character and needed to be more bold. This kid also really needs to take it down a notch with the over the top facial distortions, because they took away from his pretty good singing voice (especially in "When There was Me and You"). His singing was alright. Not Great, not terrible. It was just ok. He went painfully flat on some of the higher notes. His dancing was nothing special, but he didn't come across as a natural dancer.

Gabriella- One of the the weak links of the show. As pretty much every other review said, her acting was all one color and it aggravated me how she only had 1 emotion throughout the entire course of the production. Her singing was her strongest suit. However, the voice was there; the emotion was not. I don't recall her dancing that much, but from what I saw it was decent.

Ryan- One of the stronger cast members. He played the part more as a geek than a dancer, and it didn't come across that well. His singing seemed forced and a few notes had to be changed before him. But an A# (his highest note) is difficult to find in teenage boys now-a-days. His dancing was very poor, as he made odd hand gestures throughout the dances.

Sharpay- Once again (as other reviewers said), too mean. She needed to be a little bit more "suckup" than "brat diva of the world." Her little bit of singing was good. She does have a very good singing voice. Her dancing with Ryan was very awkward, but in general she was an OK dancer.

Mrs. Darbus- The role was double cast, and I saw the girl who had darker hair. She was one of the strong points of the show! She added a nice comedic touch, and she was a breath of fresh air to the show.

Taylor- Probably the strongest cast member. Every time she came onstage, she was fully in character and commanded the stage. She also had a nice singing voice from what I heard. Even with a small role, it really stood out to the audience as my niece and I liked her the best out of all the cast.

The Velvet Fog- One of the weak links. He was very hard to understand and was not believable at all. He was way too young to have a supporting role, but it seems as if he was the only boy that could've played the part. He was probably my least favorite, as he had low energy and was boring to watch.

Chad- Very hard to understand, but he had a good deal of emotion and subtext behind his lines. Singing was very rough. It seems as if he has a pitch problem. His dancing was definitely the strongest out of the guys, on the other hand.

Ensemble- Most of the older ensemble members were good and had good reactions and singing. But their dancing was all very messy and sloppy. They were "Not in this together"! The JV ensemble was a poor choice on the directors behalf, as it left the audience thinking "Did they change the setting to a middle school"? If they weren't in the show, I would've at least given it a 2 or 2.5.

Sets- I saw Oliver also, and I think this was the same exact set. It was nothing special, but it wasn't terrible. They should've added a door right below the bridge so cast members could've exited and entered through there.

So overall, this was such a disappointment to both my niece and I. It's pace was slow, its dialogue was often tough to understand, and the acting/dancing needed major work! I wouldn't recommend this production, unless you have a 4-7 year old child who is beyond obsessed with the movie. But trust me, make sure they don't get their hopes up! Compared to the other 2 CYT Shows I've seen, B&TB and Charlie Brown, this was definitely the weakest. I probably won't return to see another CYT show again after being very disappointed by this production


Altar Boyz, by Music and Lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker, Book by Kevin Del Aguila
Could have been better
Sunday, October 5, 2008
This is the Atlanta premiere of Altar Boyz, which debuted Off Broadway in the early 2000's. I saw this show OffBway in 2006. Altar Boyz opened up in NYC with talent that was comparable to Justin Timberlake or Jason Mraz. Now, the show has been running off Broadway for several years, and has done some mini national tours. Horizon Theatre did a pretty brave thing by being the first theatre in Georgia to pull of this comedic show, but unfortunately they could've done a better job.

I am by all means not saying this show was bad. There were actually many good things about it. Among the good things are Richard Aponte as Juan, Josh Noble as Matthew, and Andy Meeks as Abraham. The others were just not quite as strong... I did not enjoy Ronve O'Daniel's performance as Luke. It seems like he missed a lot of the comedy that the script had to offer... Another disappointment was the singing overall. Yes, they all had good voices. But did their voices flow? No. The harmonies were not as good as when I saw it in 2006. "God Put the Rhythm in Me" was not nearly as impressive as the offbway production. And that is my favorite song from the production.

But if you have never seen this show, you are sure to love it. If you have seen the OffBway production, you will probably be disappointed by this production of Altar Boyz by the Horizon Theatre.

Overall- 68/100

Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
Disappointed Once again with Atlanta "Professional" Theatre!
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
"We are committed to producing quality musical theatre in a professional manner and exposing the Metro Atlanta area to our experience and dedication to the theatrical arts."

Above is the mission statement of APT, Atlanta Professional Theatre. From What I've seen of APT (High School Musical and Cabaret) I have seen no quality musical theatre...Just mediocre high school quality theatre. "In a Professional Manner": Wow. I am surprised the Atlanta Professional Theatre associates themselves with that word. They are far from Professional. Professional would be the Alliance or the Fox (or Horizon, etc. Can't think right now) So my point is, I do not think their name is an appropriate reflection of their level of professionalism.

Anyway, onto my review of Cabaret! I honestly wasn't expecting a ton from this show. Their performance of High School Musical didn't blow me away. And I wouldn't have paid for a ticket, but my friend had an extra one, so I decided to go and give APT another chance... I am SO Surprised they are still at that shit theater, Brooke Run. The sound was even worse than HSM for some reason. Lighting was decent. The cast wasn't terrible, but the direction was pathetic! I would've loved more dancing than what was already there. Singing didn't blow me away. I thought the Emcee did not have a good voice. But i Loved Emma Goidel as Helga. She was my favorite!

So, I unfortunately do not recommend this show. I was terribly disappointed and will never be returning to this below average community theater (even if I am offered a free ticket). Some Theater Companies need to see the difference between professional and amateur work. They definitely need a change of name. Theater-Goers are going into that theater thinking "Oh goodie! A professional production!" and they leave wondering why the hell they named that theater company Atlanta PROFESSIONAL Theatre.

Sincerely, J_Wild

Whole World Theatre Comedy Improv, by Whole World Players
Garbage! Don't waste $20.00 on this crap!
Saturday, June 14, 2008
I saw Whole World a few years back and they were great. Great timing, great comedy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I saw them recently and it was Terrible! Oh My God. What the hell happened to them? I was about to ask for a refund. After seeing that show, I went home and seriously almost vomited. I cannot believe I wasted a lot of money to see that sh!+. Whole World has ruined Improv for me. I will never return to see them again, and I encourage you to do the same!

J Wild

Blue Door, by Tanya Barfield
A Disaster
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
I cannot even describe it...It was the worst show I have ever seen. I left near the end. Do not waste your money! If you know me, then you'll know that I always have positive things to say about every show...I couldn't find anything positive about this show. Do not waste your money! I was incredibly disappointed with this production.

Beauty and the Beast, by
The Best Children's Theater in Georgia
Monday, December 17, 2007
Let me just say to those who did not see this show, CYT is probably the best children's theater in the state! Everything about this show was very impressive; The acting, the singing, THE DANCING, The costumes, the sets, EVERYTHING! I had a very hard time believing these were kids. Belle and the Beast were unbelievable! They are Broadway bound. Everyone in the cast did a fantastic job! With the exception of D'arque. He seemed way too young to portray the character and he didn't have a great voice. But besides him, the show was definetely a MUST-SEE! If you missed the show, I encourage you to see CYT's next performance. I do not know what it is, but I am sure it will be great.

Scrooge: The Stingiest Man In Town, by
Monday, December 17, 2007
I use one word to describe this show: UNPROFESSIONAL. First off, Shirley Draper picked an awful script. She should have picked another script. The script they used was poorly written and it seemed like the music was composed in 10 minutes (if that). From my knowlege, the show was originally a TV movie in the 50's. Why pick a script that was used in the 1950's that no one enjoyed?

The actors were great in other shows, but not in this one. This is probably due to the fact that the direction was poor. So, the only people at fault are the directors. The blocking looked awkward and the costumes/ make-up were very sad. Feziwig had a cheesy white wig that didn't hide his real hair. Scrooge had a ridiculous bald cap that made him look fake. The costumes were extremely mediocre.

I would have given this show a higher review if the ticket prices weren't as high. The prices should have been about $6 a ticket. Fred did not have a good voice; neither did Scrooge. They should have picked better actors to play those roles. The children were great in the show (except for the youngest Cratchit boy who entered the scene late and had an American Accent).

If you didn't see this show, be glad! It was not worth the money one bit.

J. Wild

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