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Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid, by
Little People Put on a "Really Big Show"
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
I recently took my daughter (age 8 and a "diva in her own right" to see "A LITTLE MERMAID" at the Blackwell Playhouse. In all honesty, I was not really expecting too much form a show with so young a cast ( as young as 5 as old as 16). I was absolutely enchanted with the show, its direction, and the level of performances by such young cast members. My daughter completely enjoyed herself even going so far as to sing along with the cast. Running barely and hour 1/2--the show was perfectly suited to a youner audience ( as opposed to SARA CREWE which seemed to run about 3 hours).
I cannot remember specific names but the little girl playing the SEA WITCH was a riot. She reminded me of a young Bette Middler belting out her solo with gusto worthy of a true diva (not to mention her costume was FABULOUS). Also of special note was the girl playing the Little Mermaid and the girl who played the crab. The show was staged simply but very effectively as the young cast moved the scenery from scene to scene. Lots of singing, dancing, and gorgeous costumes (maybe inspired by Mardi Gras ?? I don't know but it looked like it).
Kudos to the director(s) on such a fine show. It did my heart good to see such a young cast pull off such a big show. Atlanta needs more theatre FOR children BY children. For a wonderful afternoon take the family to see Blackwell's THE LITTLE MERMAID

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