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Arsenic and Old Lace, by Joseph Kesselring
I really enjoyed the show!
Saturday, January 19, 2008
Well first of all, it was flat out histarical! Anyway, Mortimer Brewster, (Kevin Tillery) did a wonderful job, but I thought he hadn't changed all the way from Atticus Finch just yet. When he is at the phone at times he gets loud and sometimes he may get to a quieter voice, that may be too quiet for people in the third or fourth row to hear. Teddy Brewster (Joey Cochran) I loved Teddy's scenes! In the first scene, I laughed but not as hard as I would've liked, he must've been warming up, but it was kinda weak.Kudos for you! Aunt Abby (Barbra Bruce) Was good very good. I caught her mumbling to Martha, I'm guessing lines were tossed and turned during a few hectic scenes. She still was in character,a sweet amount of insanity. Martha Brewster (Helene Holzman) was good like Abby, but I kept seeing her fade out of character a couple of times when she was sort of in the background. I give credit to the police men, very good job but, Officer O'hara I suggest, be more comical. Elaine Harper (Becky Dever) was so funny! She did a very good job harassing Mortimer. She was always in character. Kudos for you and Mortimer! Last but certainly not least, Jonathan Brewster, or should I say Woodroe Wilson, (Lee Sanders) stole the show. He was funny, in character. Jonathan is a very strong character mixed with comical bits and he pulled it the whole nine yards. Deffinately Kudos for you! Also Mr. Witherspoon was good, a bit flat at times but I give you Kudos for the funny ending with your life and the show. The set was good, and in time period, it always seems to get on my nerves when it isn't. The table was a bit far but I could see the light stance forced it to be there. Speaking of lights they were good, except when they are carrying the dead bodies, it needs to be a tad bit darker enough that you can see, but not so clearly for the audience. That's all for now! Great show!!

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