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Disney's High School Musical, by
Get'cha Head in the Game, CYT Atlanta...
Friday, October 24, 2008
This show not only didn't live up to the great CYT shows in the past years, but didn't even follow all of what the show of High School Musical is about. First of all, highschoolers. Where were they? I saw maybe 7. All the rest were made up of middleschoolers and below. I have no opposition in having middleschoolers audition, but 8 year olds? Come on people! It's a no brainer. You raise the audition age level. Even with a smaller cast, it would've been even more effective.

Someone else said on here that the shows have gotten worse since "Beauty and the Beast" and "Seussical". I didn't get to see "Seussical", but "Beauty and the Beast" was a spectacle. --I think whoever said that "it has gone downhill from there" nailed it on the head. I'm not particularly involved within CYT, but this is exactly what I have noticed. Either the directors have gotten lazy or the actors went onstage and did exactly what the directors said not to do. It is clear that the choice of direction for the last couple shows has been amiss. I hope some person in charge reads these reviews and takes action in the quality of their shows. Boy, would it be refreshing to see children in Alpharetta perform another "Beauty and the Beast" quality show.

Now onto specific parts of the show. This is going to be very similar to other reviews, so I'll try to make this concise. Troy could stay on pitch, but there was nothing else incredible about his voice, although it was probably the easiest to listen to. His acting was so awkward. Just the way he moved tried to make him look like he was "Troy-ish", but failed miserably. His dancing...well...good thing Troy didn't have to dance that much. Oh wait...he did. My mistake. Gabriella was one-dimensional, as everyone else has stated and her voice wasn't one to go crazy over either. Sharpay didn't play the part like it was written. She was more angry, than a "theater", drama queen girl. Her singing was few and far between. From what I heard it wasn't horrible. Ryan's acting wasn't necessarily of the character's, but it didn't bother me as much as the other leads. His singing and dancing, however, made his overall performance drop. Chad couldn't sing and definitely needed to annunciate his lines and lyrics. But for a caucasian playing a smooth, afro-wearing African American, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It was definitely different, but not bad. The girl who played Taylor also played the part very realistically, as much as High School Musical can be realistic. She made the cheesy dialogue work, which is exactly what you need in the performance. Her singing wasn't bad either. One big thing I noticed in the show was that, since there were younger kids in the cast, they had to change some music, one coming to mind in "Stick to the Status Quo". Each soloist's part had to be altered to fit their range, mostly because they were not of the high school age. This show was written for highschoolers.

I believe the one person or people to blame are the directors. They cast the show.They directed the show. They are responsible for what goes onstage. They can't blame anyone else.

I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings and if I did, I recommend you don't come onto TheaterReview. Actors from a show are allowed to come on here to get critiques and talk to their director about it, not type an explanation or say how the reviewers are rude. This is a review site.

I desperately hope CYT Atlanta can get its act together, because their shows from last year were magical.


Disney's High School Musical!, by
Thursday, March 13, 2008
I did actually enjoy this production. There were a few things that took the show down two numbers, though. I will list them. The down points of the show were:

1. Energy. From the beginning, the show didn't take me anywhere. When the entire cast is bursting with energy the audience can feel it, too. That was one of the big ones.

2. The theater. From looking in, it looked nice. But when the show started, you started to notice that the acoustics were absolutely horrible. You'd think for Atlanta "Professional" Theater, you'd get a better venue regarding sound.

3. Choreography. I was especially disappointed in "Getcha Head in the Game" of all the songs. Yes, I know it is extremely difficult to keep all the balls bouncing at the same time, but "Step, pause pause, step, turn, bounce, pause pause, bounce" (You get the point) is not going to cut it. "Stick to the Status Quo" was one the better numbers, though.

4. Mrs. Darbus. I am sorry for this one, but I have to mention this. I don't really blame this on the actress, but on the director. The director should've worked harder on removing the southern dialect. It was noticed and it was laughable.

These were the main disappointments. But here's the good:

1. Troy. He had one of the best singing voices I've head in a long time, at least in Georgia. Great control and mixing.

2. Gabriella. Also great voice. For a sixteen year old, she really sold her part. Very Impressed.

3. Singing in general. The sounds I did hear (Since the bad acoustics) sounded very good. Great ensemble numbers, singing anyway. Couldn't understand all of the lyrics, but it sounded good.

Overall, it was a good show. I wouldn't pay a 30 dollar ticket again, but it was good. I would expect this from any community playhouse. Not as professional as it seems to be.


You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, by
CYT Supporter
Monday, February 4, 2008
I have seen a couple of CYT shows in the past, most recently "Beauty and the Beast" which was an outstanding production. This however did not live up to that perfection, in my opinion. There were a few highlights in this production, but the majority reminded me of a middle school quality production. After hearing of the rumours of putting this production together in a matter of three weeks. I was impressed. They must have worked very hard.

Some of my favorite parts or characters in the production were:

- Charlie Brown had a wonderful singing voice. I saw him in a previous show, Alice in Wonderland, where he used much more facial expressions and put more enthusiasm, but in these circumstances, great overall performance.

- Lucy was, I believe, a new CYT performer. I haven't seen her on the stage and was quite surprised why she hasn't been. She was fantastic! She moved, talked, and sang as I thought Lucy would. Beautiful performance.

- Schroeder had a very nice voice in "Beethoven Day". They split up the parts, which was disappointing, in a few songs where I wanted to hear him alone.

- The ensemble in a few numbers were very good. I'd say about half of them were great harmonies and flowed beautifully. But the other half, you felt bad for the performers because they were singing completely off.

The rest of the show was average in comparison to what CYT has come up with in the past. Is it worth a 12 dollar ticket? Absolutely, if you are expecting a elementary or middle school production.

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