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The Mikado, by Gilbert & Sullivan
Not quite what I expected, but still very pleasant and funny
Monday, February 18, 2008
This production had many positive things, but the negative out weighs the production as a whole.

The costumes, set and props were absolutely fantastic. The colors showed beautifully on stage and offered great contrast between the characters. The blocking was OK. I believe that the blocking was not convincing enough; people were moving because they were "told" to do so, not because they wanted to naturally.

There are many, MANY things to say about the individual singing. In the trio of sisters, Camilla Zaepfel (Yum Yum) did OK. She came across as a new person to the game and seemed slightly lost or uncomfortable with what she was doing. The singing was pleasant, but motions need to have more direction. Lindsey Martin (Peep-Bo) did not sing as much, but was strong when she did sing. Acting was fairly strong. Ava Thibodeau (Pitti-Sing) had quite a singing role and did fairly well, but showed that she was "counting" or otherwise seemed distracted. Katie Rouse (Katisha) seemed to be the veteran and I could feel that she knew more about what to do vocally and stagewise. Great performance from her.

Jeffrey David Gibb (Mikado) did a fantastic job in both singing and acting. Some parts almost felt too over the top, but after all, it is G & S. Nicholas Morrett (Ko Ko) did not have quite as strong of a voice, but the singing was very good and the acting was very enjoyable. Both men seem to be on top of their game. In general, most of the men in the production seemed on top of their game except for Marc Megahee (Nanki Poo). The singing was NOT strong, nor was the acting. Has potential for singing, but the role is too big for him now. I could have done without his singing for the evening.

Though the production started out strong (Great set, great chorus number & trio), everything that evening seemed to go downhill. Biggest disappointment was the fact that each character had a personal MICROPHONE. Understood that many of the members were students or community amateurs, the sound quality was annoying and made me want to leave the show at intermission. Next time, use general stage mics instead of personal mics for audience sake.

I expected more talent and preparation BUT the production did show potential and promise for a few of its characters.

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