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The Mikado, by Gilbert & Sullivan
Wonderful Performance
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
New to this area as an adjunct professor with a background in musical theater, I was enthused to go to this performance of The Mikado. It was a wonderful way to spend a day! For a cast comprised of college students still working on formal training and community actors, this show was well done. I give credit to the costume manager for their wonderful work on the show and to the director for their choices in actors. The voices were a wonderful blend and you can see promise in many of the artists. Mikado (Jeffrey Gibb), Peep Bo (Lindsey Martin), and Yum Yum (Camilla Zaepfel) I feel were casted appropriately. The chorus did a wonderful job in this show as well and was very well rehearsed.

In regards to comments others have made on here, have you perhaps thought that these are not professional actors, therefore in no way deserve to be subjected to your banter? Perhaps you should consider sticking to reviewing American Idol instead of true young talent that which has yet to be cultivated and is still maturing. For the comments about type casting based on physical appearance could not be more true in the sense that one must always consider an actors physical build for parts. You do not see a 49 male casted as a prince with a 61 counterpart, nor do you see professionals in shows that have the appearance of teenager casted in roles of adults. You need to understand that vocal performance, acting abilities and physical stage presence will ALWAYS take priority when casting a role. Some have said that some of the voices were under trained, and you could not be more off. They have simply not matured to their full abilities yet.

The entire production of this show, from the strongest voice to the basic stage hand should be commended on the entire performance and I look forward to becoming a patron of this area and the shows that are offered. I personally would be honored to have Jeffery Gibb or Camilla Zaepfel join my school for our Opera Scenes any time they could.

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