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Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
Little Shop, Big Expectations
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Overall, this is a really good show. It does all the things community theater is supposed to do. It entertains, while sticking very close to the script and provids it all on a budget. Unfortunatley, it doesn't go far beyond that. There is very little, if any, vision here at all.
The pluses include an innovative stage design. My husband and I loved the rotating stage and felt it kept scene changes from being too long. The overall look of the scenery was quite good. The pacing is excellent and the energy is extremely good. As for the cast, some are stellar and some are okay. The stellar include Jason Meinhardt as the Dentist et al. Phenomenal performance. Two of the Urchins are quite good in both singing and acting, but the delivery of the third is lacking, to say the least. Reed Higgins is a wonderful Seymore, but has very little to work with in his Audrey or Mushnik. His best scenes are with the plant and the dentist. Smaller characters delivered big and all ensemble peices were wonderful.
To the not so good. Mushnik was line reading through the entire show. Audrey lacks delivery, but her singing is top notch. The Plant has a great voice, but it is the wrong voice for this show. The puppetry is great at certain points (first plant:hysterical, middle plant:great, final plant:awkward). Tech problems were obvious, but it was opening weekend, The corny director's speech could definatly be cut.
As I stated before, this is a really good show, and definately worth seeing. It has issues, but the highlights overcome the issues. It is a fair rendition of the Off-off Broadway production, and to be fair, thay did NOT copy the movie. To sum it up, it's good entertainment.

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