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Knock 'em Dead, by Tom Oldendick and Will Roberson
Australian Wins The Crowd
Friday, April 11, 2008
I was just talking to a co worker of mine about this play and came across this site. I think it's time this great show gets a great review.

I went with a few girlfriends to see the opening of a play I had heard about from a girl at TGI Fridays. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The show started off a bit slow as you got to know the characters, but once they all joined in the show really picked up. The cast was beautifully assembled and they seemed to have a wonderful chemistry throughout the entire mystery of the piece. I enjoyed each of their interrogations and was eager to find out who the supposed murderer was. The crowd voted and they had picked a young man known as The Great Samnombulo. He was a hypnotist.

This is where I began to love this play. But let me tell you first- I think a lot of his friends were there because a good bit of the people who voted for him were in the same age range. Bravo to them because his performance took the show to knew heights.- He stands center stage to deliver his monologue about why he murdered the club owner, but he does it in a flawless Australian accent. I am not sure if this spirited performer is actually from Down Under but I would certainly believe it.

All in all this was a gem of a play, the crowning glory to me had to be the gentleman in the end who really capped off the night. I highly recommend seeing them whenever you can.

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