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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
Talented cast .. lacking production.
Monday, July 14, 2008
I'll begin my review with the positive aspects of the show, because I hate leading off with a negative comment.


- For the most part, this is a strong cast. A few standouts were Brian Clowdus as the Emcee, Nick Morrett as Cliff, Emma Goidel as Helga, (as well as most of the other Kit Kat girls).
- Choreography was very tight. The big dance numbers were very together.
- Nice set! It seemed to work effectively (although that tiny bed was rather funny)
- The band was excellent. GREAAAT sound!

On to the negatives ...

The main problem with this production seems to come from the technical aspects of the show. The sound was in a single word ... atrocious. This is no fault of the cast, but I would say that 60 - 70% of the dialogue was lost because the mics simply weren't turned on. When the mics were on, the quality was very poor, distorting the voices like a high school football announcer over a PA system. In spite of this I was still able to appreciate the beautiful singing voices of Nick Morrett and Brian Clowdus.

The performance space is just not idyllic for musicals. The theater looks like an old lecture hall and the sound seems unable to travel past the 1st row. The lighting is design decent, but I found the direction lacking. It was very apparent that the more effective moments of the production were due to skilled performers, not from good direction.

Overall, the production just reminded me a good high school performance. Many members of the cast are VERY young (TOO young to be doing cabaret if you ask me! I don't care how talented you are .. a high school sophomore should NOT be doing those dances and wearing those "costumes"). I guess for a theater called "Atlanta Professional Theatre" I expected a heck of a lot more. The show just seemed not quite ready for audience; maybe it will be better this weekend. I can't say I recommend this show, but the cast works very hard and it's a shame they are unable to shine due to the less than stellar production values. If the entire cast had been relocated to another local theatre, I bet the production would be MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

The cast deserves accolades, they are a talented group of performers!

Urinetown: The Musical, by music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann and book and lyrics by Greg Kotis
What kind of musical is this?
Monday, June 9, 2008
A fantastic one!

I’ve been a long time reader of Theaterreview and a long time Atlanta theater patron. I just hadn’t seen a show that really made me want to register and type a review …… this show did.

Urinetown has been one of my favorite shows for quite a while now. I saw the show on Broadway shortly before it closed and I saw the national tour cast at the Fox a few years ago. I can say without hesitation that this production is every bit as good as those two casts and in some ways I felt that it surpassed them. I felt that the choreography was the strongest I’ve seen in any production of Urinetown. I’ve seen a few shows choreographed by Mr. Aponte, I feel that he really outdid himself with this production. The first 15 minutes of Act Two just left me in awe. I turned to my wife after “Run Freedom Run” and whispered: “Now that’s great theatre.” Act two opens with “What is Urinetown,” followed immediately by “Snuff that Girl” and then right into “Run Freedom Run.” All three of those songs were just amazing and Mr. Pridgen’s vocals on “Run Freedom Run” were spot on. I almost leapt out of my seat to cheer after that number, but I decided to contain myself!

I’ve seen a few shows at OnStage Atlanta (regrettably I missed the first mounting of Urinetown), and a lot of the shows are hit-or-miss. You never know what quality you are going to get when you walk into the theater. But this production is every bit as good as any show I’ve seen at the Lyric, Aurora, Dad’s Garage, or even the Alliance. Every single member of this cast deserves accolades. Every person on that stage is completely in character 100 % of the time. I really admire how every person in the ensemble had a distinct character and each one of them was portrayed brilliantly. Laine Binder, Lindsay Creedon, Stephen Odom, and John Markowski, are just a few that stood out to me. The whole ensemble was just so powerful, the best I’ve seen in a show in quite a while.

On to the leads: I don’t think I could have asked for a better Lockstock than Mr. Googie Uterhardt. His delivery is fresh and exciting and the small glimpses that the audience gets of his singing voice left me wanted more! The connection between Hope (Sims Lamason) and Bobby (Clint Pridgen) was, for a lack of a better word, HOT! I really believed their love scenes and their duet “Follow Your Heart” was beautifully sung! That is the first song that the audience really gets to hear Bobby sing, and when Mr. Pridgen started his verse I knew that “Look at the Sky” and “Run Freedom Run” were going to be GREAT! And they were! Perfectly cast as the show’s villain, Robert Wayne plays Cladwell brilliantly. Other actors that deserve to be commended are Alli Simpson’s power-belting Pennywise, Jenna Edmond’s perfect Little Sally, Jay Tryall’s hilarious Mr. Mcqueen, Scott Ebert’s slick Senator Fipp, and character shifting Charlie Miller as Bobby’s Father and Hot Blades Harry.

Production values were also top notch. The set was incredible and the sound was very clear. The band deserves to be mentioned too, because they played the score with such ease. Great job! If there is something about the show that I forgot to mention, and I’m sure I did, it is not because it was in some way, lacking. This show is a high energy, hilarious show with some truly amazing performers. Great show, guys! My wife and I both loved every second and we will tell our friends about the show and probably even make a trip to see it again. Definitely a great night at the theater!

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