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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
The Cast is Worth the Time
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Wow. In true "Cabaret" spirit, this show has ignited a firestorm of controversy. I'd say there is some truth and a bit of fiction. I saw the show and no, it wasn't Broadway but for pete's sake - if you want to see that, pay $400 for a roundtrip ticket to NYC and an additional $120 for a good seat and have at it. This is a totally decent production of Cabaret in a small theatre in Dunwoody, GA that you can see (and get wine and snacks) for $28 front row. The hyperbolic review that "Scarecrow" gave, in particular, though accurate at times, was highly unfair and might indicate that he's missing not a brain, but a heart. Or, that he's only seen Broadway level or Regional productions of shows . . . or, of course, he might just be a bitter old stage queen too senior to play the Emcee. Ah, the pain of losing the six pack is fodder for many an angry art rant.

For me, the show can be summed up as a mixed bag. I thought the cast was great from top to bottom. There were probably one too many Kit Kat girls and one too few period costumes. The direction was poor but the choreography was strong. The sound sucked but the lighting was fine. The location left something to be desired but parking was free.

Specifically on cast, the Emcee and Schneider were brilliant and, like much of the cast, far exceeded the humble production. Perhaps this shined a more harsh light on the director than if the cast had been mediocre. You wanted the production to meet their talent and rarely did. At times, it was clear that the entire show had been directed by the actors themselves. There were missing bits of emotional pow that characterize Cabaret's emotional roller coaster which can only indicate a lack of direction or general knowledge of the show on the part of the production team.

I say see the show with a few glasses of wine in you. It will dull the short-comings of the production and only ease you into the spell that the exemplary cast weaves. These performers deserve to be seen and appreciated not tossed out with the bathwater. They are worth the investment.

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