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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
From an actors point of view
Thursday, July 17, 2008
To all who read this:
I am a fellow actor in the production of “Cabaret” and from reading all of the stuff that has been written is a little hurtful. I realize that there will ALWAYS be criticism in theater, but I feel that most of the people that write on here are either one of the following:
1). Bitter actors that don’t get cast…ever.
2). People who think that their opinion really matters because they know all.
3). “Friends” of productions (ie. Helga’s friend or friends)
4). People who have no life and live on
Look all I am saying is that every single person on that stage has worked their asses off. And it seems that you keep talking about how all of the technical elements suck. I will agree they are not up to the proper standards that you might be used to. You realize that and we sure as hell realize that. But instead of saying how much of a non ”professional” company this is, why don’t you actually talk about the show… you know that thing that has the actors singing and dancing? I will now give my review of the show… thoroughly knowing that it will be degraded.

All of the leads: You know what your doing! Keep it up!
Ensemble: Keep up the stellar dancing! You know the true fosse style.
Band: Amazing! What else can I say but Thank You!
Staff: Throughout all of the bad, you have kept your head held high and your learning. I mean isn’t that what theater is all about? To learn?

Some of the people who will read this will agree with me in saying, why don’t you actually open your eyes for once and appreciate what APT is doing? They are trying stuff that really not a lot of people have the balls to do. Now in return, they are learning and will make plenty of mistakes. The Alliance just didn’t start out being fantastic or Actor’s Express. I find it funny that most of you have actually taken the time to bash our production which will probably bring in more people so Thank you! But please, in RESPECT for the fellow actors on the stage, try to say something nice I mean didn’t your mother always teach you, “If you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all?” Because some of you fellow reviewers seem to have it out for bashing other companies or complimenting the ones that your friends are in. I’m sorry, unless you write for the AJC or New York Times or a reviewer for Backstage, I couldn’t really care less about your opinion and neither would the cast. I just think it is very funny! But thank you for coming to the show and paying for our check. It is greatly appreciated!

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