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Cabaret, by Kander and Ebb
Everyone needs to simmer down!
Thursday, July 17, 2008
Let me preface this review by saying that I am also a member of the cast for this production.

I realize that some technical aspects and the venue of this show were completely unprofessional! These are definitely things on which the cast and crew and it seems some of the audience have reached a consensus. The sound was atrocious for two nights, the unreliable microphones specifically. The theatre is not in very good condition at all and the concessions and ticketing were handled rather poorly. I think everyone has made these points already.

That said, I would like to add to these criticisms. The sound was awful for two nights and I understand that an inaudible performance is completely unacceptable. But the sound has been dealt with and any person who attended last Friday's performance, when the sound system was worst, is invited back to see the show this weekend as non-paying guests of Atlanta Professional Theatre. Following two disappointing performances, we have already had two very successful ones with a professional quality of sound and we look forward to four more successful productions this weekend. Also I understand that the theatre is old. In fact, the antiquity of the theatre is what attracted me most to the space. I feel that a production is separate from its venue, that a performance is the sum of its talents and aesthetics. The theatre used to be a part of a past insane asylum, and now houses several events throughout the year with a reputation for being haunted. It is this rich history that makes it most appealing personally and in my opinion suitable for a gritty, edgy show like Cabaret.

Let me also explain something about the ideals of Atlanta Professional Theatre. I am a rather young actor, and I realize that this makes me less suitable for a professional review, but I also realize what an outstanding opportunity I have been allowed. APT has granted me and many other young actors the experience and work that will allow me to grow as an actor and experience what it is like to act professionally. There is only one cast member over the age of 30 and there are several colleges students, three recent high school graduates, and even one high school sophomore. I cannot express to you enough how young this company is (in both the age of its performers and in the age of the company) and how difficult it has been relying on the talents and time of only three individuals, but it has been rewarding beyond measure and I assure you that I am wholly proud of the work we have done.

With all that said, I would like to point out some of the aspects of production for which I am proud to associate with this show. I doubt there is any denying the talent of the cast. There is not a single person who is not of professional caliber. I admit it is very difficult to agree with this when you cannot hear anything, but I promise you that I am impressed and amazed by every single cast and orchestra member. The set is so impressive in my opinion and was basically designed and built by a single person! I am proud to say that in the face of several production disappointments, the set is truly professional grade.

I would also like to add that the reviews for this show have been way too hostile, on the part of its viewers and of its actors! The intention of theatre is to entertain. I think it is irresponsible for actors to tear apart a show they have no part in. I will admit that I have seen many shows I have disliked, but I have never critiqued a show as unprofessionally and disrespectfully as some people have discredited our show. I am honestly ashamed that some of these reviewers consider themselves actors, knowing that each and everyone of them would feel so disrespected if their show had received such reviews. I do understand the rights of these people and the ideals of freedom of speech, but I also understand the ideals of respect and professionalism. That said, I also feel like the actors of this production need to respect that these people have things to say about our performances and treat them as nicely as we would like for them to treat us. Thank you.

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