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Disney's High School Musical, by
Friday, October 17, 2008
This show utterly disapointed me. CYT, to me, has gone downhill since they did Seussical and Beauty and the Beast. B&TB especially. The acting was so-so, and singing was...well...ok. The choreography was good, but the dancers were not together at all. I felt that the only true high schoolers were the leads, and other than that it was mostly middle/elementary schoolers. I personally think the show, altogether, was ok. I may come see it again, to see if it has progressed, but not because it was mind-blowing. Some kids were very tense onstage, and did not seem to be enjoying themselves. Troy and Gabriella had absolutely no chemestry.

Character by character:

Troy: probably most experienced, but acting was too BIG and fake. He was not convincing in his conflict between singing and basketball. dancing skills are so/so. singing was ok, he hit a few good notes, but also a few sour ones as well.

Gabriella: acting skills...are just not there. i think she could make progress if she was worked with more, but she seemed tense and the audience saw only one side of the character. dancing, she does well. singing, she was good, but her voice was not very strong, but i think she would excell at that if she took some consistent voice lessons.

Sharpay: her character was too mean. i think of sharpay as cocky in and funny and sort of cute way. she portrayed her in an almost angry way. singing, her mike was turned up too loud, and i felt like she forced most of her sound, as well as her vebrato. dancing, she was good, but awkward with Ryan.

Ryan: i think he thought he was way better than he actually is. acting...was ok, yet again. dancing was very awkward. his singing was forced and extremely nasely.

Chad: voice was ok, but he tried really hard. you could tell someone worked with him and he listened and practiced. his acting was good, he needs to enunciate his words more, and work on varying his tone. his dancing was great.

Taylor: one of my favorites. It was obvious that she, too, really listened to the directors and tried her hardest. acting was good, singing was good also (a few slightly off-pitch notes but good otherwise) and her dancing was good as well.

well...that's it.

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