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Disney's High School Musical, by
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
i have seen many CYT shows in the past, and High School Musical did not live up to its standards. I was very disappointed in just about the entire show. Troy had a decent voice but made very awkward facial expressions when he sang. the boy could not act, or dance. Gabriella needed alot of acting work (i blame the director for that) a character needs to be developed with help of the director, and either this girl is a terrible (which i can tell she is not) or she just needs character work which i could tell. Sharpay and Ryan....oh boy lets start with sharpay. sharpray had a good singing voice, but i felt like she was angry playing the part of sharpay. sharpray is my dream role and noticed how ashley tisdale plays the part more cocky and all around "i think im better than you" not angry. Ryan, he struggled in singing, acting wasnt GREAT but probably the best of the main leads. one more thing about ryan he strained alot while he sang. you could tell he coulnt hit those high notes. Chad had an ok voice not the best so he should stick to acting, he played his part pretty well i though. Taylor. i thought also did a pretty good job, i felt like she wasnt in character enough but shes still go it.

ENSEMBLE! what was with all these little kids?!?! ive personally seen (as said above) alot of CYT shows in the past. what happened to all these kids from Narnia, Oliver, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!. the singing wasnt very good with ensemble..dancing was not good it had potential but the dancers messed it up completely. ive seen alot better HSM ensemble dancing and singing before.

over all the show was NOT very good. i wouldnt tell alot of people to come pay 12 dollars or however much it was to come see this show when HSM 3 comes out on friday.

all said and done this is coming from a 16 year old girl so if you choose to see the show be my guest. but i have a very funny feeling CYT shows are not going to get better from here.. i have a sad feeling they are going to get worse and worse.

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