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The Crucible, by Arthur Miller
Biased Reviews
Thursday, October 23, 2008
After having read Brad Rudy's somewhat presumptuous review on the "other" theater site, at the insistence of some of my friends who appear in this production, I feel a few comments are in order.

In order of importance, I would like to take some of the sting from Mr. Rudy's comments, by making the following observations. First, he obviously is not aware that community theater is a training ground for developing talent and not a showcase for the finished product. Therefore, he attends his reviews with an anticipation which can never be met. He expects broadway quality from amatuers. Ain't gonna happen. Therefore, when reading his reviews, which are almost exclusively negative, bear that in mind. Second, early in his review, he gives away the fact that this is going to be a biased review, since it will be affected by his "rose-colored glasses" memories of his past triumphs in the play and will, therefore, be less than objective.

All that being said, I saw this production at the same time as Mr. Rudy, although not through the same eyes. To begin with, let me say that this is not one of my favorite plays. Be that as it may, I found this production to be about as good as any community theater production of Crucible I have seen.
I have seen some as good, and a few which really deserved the rating Brad gave this one.
To be sure, there were a few slow moments, but then there are some of those written into the script. But there were, all in all, many more bright moments than dull ones, and some sterling performances, as touched on in Brad's review.
I was captivatd by the two outstanding female performers, Kirsten King,as Tituba and Amanda Pickard, in the role of Elizabeth Proctor. Zip Rampy was,as
always, "over the top" as John Proctor. To my mind, it took a lot of nerve on the part of Director Jerry Harlow, to cast Rampy and Pickard opposite each other. His gamble paid off. To their everlasting credit, they made the chemistry and they made it work. Credible performances were also turned in by Katie O'Neill as Abigail, Brink Miller in the role of Danforth and Jonathan Horne as the Reverend Hale.
Considering that some of the key players, including Zip Rampy, were very late comers to the cast,(as late as three weeks before opening night) and the difficulty of this vehicle, I think I can truthfully say that it was worth the time and effort on the part of the cast and was an enjoyable event for the audience, with the exception of the unforgiving Mr Rudy.

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