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Disney's High School Musical, by
Sunday, October 26, 2008
Wow guys... there is really no need to fight over this... i agree it wasnt the best show in the world but it was pretty darn good yes i am in the cast and let me just say we worked hard to put the show on this show was definetly not aimed to atract adult viewers its was really trying to reach out to the younger ones...the ones that arent going to care about the mic problems, technical difficulties, and lack of acting skill (even though i think the acting was pretty good) Gabriella played her role very well in that every little girl in the audience worshipped her in fact all the little kids fell in love with all the leads so basically our goal was accomplished we sold out almost every show and for those who are bashing cyt and the artistic team u have no right to u can critcize the show but not the directors they worked harder than alot of you can imagine they do not deserve to be trashed like that i will admit that i feel like the artistic team did not colaborate but there was so much going on that it was hard to and just so you all know cyt is not some horrible theater company full of a bunch of pushy stage moms and rumor spreading brats i have made sooo many great friends at cyt and i feel like we are all a big family so dont trash cyt

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