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Hold Me!, by Jules Feiffer
A word from Sally Ann Cone …
Friday, December 5, 2008
Hello, I am Sally Ann Cone, and I am the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Coup de Theatre Atlanta. I was also the director of “Hold Me!”. I stumbled upon these reviews and was pleased to see we grabbed your attention. Please keep us in mind in the future and continue to offer us these reviews. I invite you all to visit our website ( and join our mailing list to receive notice of our future shows.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

The Widow's Blind Date, by Israel Horovitz
5 Reasons Everyone in Atlanta Should See "The Widows Blind Date"
Sunday, November 16, 2008
(Review written by, Michael Chambers)

1. The actors are incredible. KC and Connor do an excellent job of bringing in the pathos and lost-hope culture of the aging and unaccomplished. Though their personalities begin to eventually split in alarming and irrevocable ways, their camaraderie in the beginning is as natural as their subsequent bitterness that emerges when Sally's character arrives. Sally brings an icy sarcasm thats cloaking something underneath. Obviously she's there for a reason, but you're never quite sure what that reason is until the ball drops and the shit hits the fan. I dare anyone to leave the theater within five minutes of the second act.

2. The plot is riveting. Israel Horowitz has a way of taking the mundane and laying lethal landmines within. Its as though Anton Chekov snuck into a David Mamet play and covered the shockwave proceedings with layers of intrigue and closets full of skeletons. You're drawn in by the realism. When the layers begin peeling, you're violated, but like an automobile accident, you cannot look away. For those who love Chuck P books, but with Hitchcock corners, this one's for you.

3. The directors are perfect for this project. Troy is a veteran of Relapse/Jackpie improv. He's an actor's director. He knows the space. He knows the players. They open their souls for the man. Loren knows the material better than anyone in Atlanta. She's an Entertainment Weekly columnist who's seen the play firsthand under the direction of Israel Horowitz himself. She knows the intricacies of the characters. She knows the inner workings of the story behind the story. These two directors balance out to make a show that's both true to the source material and original in its presentation.

4. COUP DE THEATRE- What is Coup de Theatre? Its a community theatre specially designed for the sophisticated Atlanta college crowd, a people known to appreciate both old-stock fair-weathered shows and hipster zombie musicals.. It's the group that brought you Closer and An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein. Its run by young twenty-something entrepreneurs. It knows you. It loves you. It won't let you down. If you're a college student, post-college student, or a college student at heart, and you love theatre... you fucking looove theatre... then its a travesty you haven't been to a Coup de Theatre Show yet.

5. OBAMA'S IN- Grab a six-pack, bring a group (this is one to discuss) or a date (but not a first-date, this one's more of a third), and appreciate your country's ability to go with a good thing, just as you will. Tonight. When you come to:

presented by COUP DE THEATRE
380 14th Street (in the church across from Jimmy John's)
November 6, 7, 13, and 14 (that's Thursdays and Fridays) at 8:30pm
November 9, and 16 (that's Sunday) at 6:30pm
$10 to get in.

directed by Troy Halverson and Loren Lankford
starring Connor Barrett, Kenneth Camp, and Sally Ann Cone.

Can you come? Obama says: "Yes you can!"

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