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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams
maggie was awesome!!
Thursday, November 20, 2008
OMG!!! I cannot believe you thought that one-dimensional, annoying Mae should have even been considered for the part of Maggie. Yes, Maggie is a difficult role, and I thought Kimberley Lowe pulled it off beautifully. She looked the part of a true "Southern Belle" and was very cat-like in her mannerisms and behavior. On the surface? You must not have been at the same performance I was b/c I saw Maggie as a woman trying from every angle to win over Brick, Big Daddy and his fortune, and have a child that she so much wanted. I know the role of Mae was one-dimensional and a bit part, but she she did not give any variety to it at all. She was an annoying, unlikable character and I did not feel sorry for her at all. I thought Gooper was great- he got his point across as being the "unfavored" son and how painful that must have been. Mae was just a mean, self-involved woman w/ no depth at all. Maggie played her role to the hilt from all angles- she was sexy and playful at times, then grief-stricken and catty at others. I cannot believe anyone would see her in this role, especially given the fact that she carried the full first act in basically a monologue, and see her as just "on the surface." I thought Big Daddy gave his role a good try and had some good moments, but he sounded more like a character out of "The Godfather" than an owner of a Southern Cotton plantation.

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by John Babcock
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