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Arsenic and Old Lace, by Joseph Kesselring
An old Chestnut done right
Monday, November 9, 2009
This show is often done, and by community theaters in most cases. I was excited to see a pro tehatre company do it. BUT-would they be able to keep the pace brisk? Would the aunts be engaging enough? Would Jonathan Brewster be sinister enough? The answer is YES! It was a pure delight! From Robert Egizio's Jonathan to the perfectly cast aunts! I actually found myself laughing at jokes that I knew were coming! Standouts in the show are of course Nita Hardy and Marianne Fraulo. They had a great chemistry. Rob Hardie brought tremendous energy to Teddy, and Charles Green's Einstein wasincredibly likable and fun to watch. This one is worth checking out (Even if you have been there before!)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, by Stephen Sondheim, Larry Gelbart
When In Rome...
Saturday, July 25, 2009
I realize that my reviews are considered to be harsh, maybe over critical. I was on the verge of lightening up on my standards. Maybe, just maybe my expatations were to high. Then I saw The Blackwell Playhouse production of "...Forum". And I feel so good that i can give praise to a show, without lowering my standards. From the off kilter set to the iventive gags-this is one hell of an evening. I have seen this how in 5 different incarnations, and the only rival to this show would be the Tavern's version. This is funny and fast paced. Zip Rampy is amazinga s the lead- A slave trying to get freedom. He does not give a copy cat performance, but instead uses actor's like Mostell & Lane as a launching pad. He makes it completely his own. Patrick Hill did not just paly Hysterium, he was Hysterium. He milked every laugh out of evry comedy soaked rag. The other actors are nothing to sneeze at. Brian Clements gives a unique take on Miles (The Captain) that works. There was a risk taken there, but it paid off. Jonathan Horne and Katie Onille as the two lovers were perfectly cast. Usually they are throw away characters-but not here. Add to that an energized cast of support and this show flies. Much credit must be given to the directing staff. The gags keep on coming and 90% of them work. This is not easy, and again it was a risk. The director had to go "All in" and hope to have a winning hand. They do here. Now-this show is not without some flaws. People went into shadows at times, and a couple of smaller roles seemed lost at times. In this case, it doesn't affect the show too much. With that, I will give it an "almost 5". Bottom line- this is how musical comedy should be done.

The Producers, by Mel Brooks
A Bad Show About Putting On A Bad Show?
Monday, June 1, 2009
I have enjoyed many productions by Rosewater. Woman In Black, The Elephant Man and Barefoot In The Park were all at the very least adequate shows. I was excited to see the Producers, expecially with their great track record for musicals. This production cost more, and gave less. First let me point out the bright spots of this show. The choreography was nicely done, and Allen Cox as Leo Bloom gave us what we expected out of an iconic role. After that, sadly, it is all down hill. Brandon Wilkinson was poorly cast as Max. He simply can't sing. He had some comic timing in dialogue scenes, but that was it. Ula must have been about 5 feet tall. Though nice, she didn't fit the part of the towering swedish diva. The band was nice, but the singing tragicly imperefct. The sets were cheap looking and looked half hazzard. Rope lights and christmas lights...and that's about it. Really? The costumes looked half put together as well. That is with exception of Max & Leo. How could the same production team of Chicago, give us such a weak and enemic "Atlanta Premier"? It was 3 hours that I will never get back.

It's A Wonderful Life, by Frank Capra
Getting wings
Friday, December 19, 2008
Much of what brought my low score (I guess if it were agrad that would be like a C-??) is that many of the endearing scenes we love from the movie were cut. So my biggest complaint is a script issue. For example: Even though ZuZu references "an angel gets it's wings every time a bell rings"-It isn't mentioned by Clarence at all to set it up! And ZuZu's petals are not mentioned!Arrghhh. Ms. Sams is excellent and charming as Mary, the highlite of the show. Close on her tells was Micheal Fosse who played George with GREAT Sincerity. Would have like to see a bit more charisma there. Ron Connell does a good Clarence, though not as blustery as in the film. The rest of the cast is adequate. Ms. Coe does an okay job of setting up some nice scenes. But limited costumes and low energy reoccur often in the show. I think most families would like it.

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
An Average show, but nice space
Friday, December 19, 2008
I liked a bunch of what Rosewater has done here. Especially the energy. It is easy for A Christmas Carol to be bogged down. But, as much as the man who played Scrooge looked the part, He was mediocre at best. Mostly because of diction problems. Much of the blocking did not work. But I liked much of the show in general.

Seussical the Musical, by Steven Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens
Not What I Expected
Monday, December 15, 2008
After seeing Cats, which was one of the best Community Theater efforts I have witnessed, I went to the Blackwell with my daughter to see Seussical. I expected the same level that Cats had blown me away with. While there was much talent on the stage, there was so much lacking as well that it made for a most dissapointing time. The good first-Horton was fun to watch, though he went flat at times. The Cat and The Hat was quite endearing. Some of the choreography was really quite well done as well. I enjoyed (as did my little ) The Kangaroo.

The not so good. gertrude couldn't find her voice, The mayor was horrible. The whole unorganized look of many of the scenes. I didn't even realize the monkeys were monkeys until their song! Much of this show was a mess. Though there was a good effort.

I just can't believe the same folks who were behind Cats, created this sub par experience. Go expecting a kids show (like your local middle school) not a quality show performed for kids. By the way-was that the Cats set repainted or am I wrong?

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