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The Elephant Man, by Bernard Pomerance
Very well done!
Monday, February 2, 2009
I enjoyed the Rosewater Theaterís production of The Elephant Man very much! I canít say that Iíve seen a community theater production with such a strong cast across the board. Usually there are one or two parts that could have been played better, but all parts were played very well. The two standout performances for me were Joel Altherr as Dr. Treves and Russ Ivey as John Merrick.

Dr. Treves engaged me from the start. He was both believable and captivating, and knew just how much to put out there, without overacting. I especially enjoyed the emotions that were magnified during his final monologue. He definitely touched me and held my attention throughout the show (which is hard to do).

The actual physical portrayal of John Merrick was amazing. I wasnít sure how it would be pulled off without a mask or costume of some sort, but I was mesmerized by the character immediately and felt his pain throughout the show. The physical part of this role was so essential to the entire show and Russ Ivey did not disappoint.

I also enjoyed the character of Ross, played by Josh Ellis. He had great inflection and delivery and was very charismatic. Lisa Riley, playing Mrs. Kendal, managed to inject a bit of sarcastic humor into her role, which was a nice light touch to a serious drama.

I didnít really understand the Pinhead Girls characters. One had a large tattoo on her back that was rather distracting, but her excellent dance technique did stand out to me. They both played their other roles well, as did the other supporting actors, especially considering they were all playing multiple roles.

I think this is the first time Iíve seen a production ďin the roundĒ. It was interesting and seemed to work well, although the set changing was a bit awkward with no curtains to be behind. Iím not sure how else they could have accomplished this though.

Overall, a great show and I would definitely recommend it!

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