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Macbeth, by William Shakespeare
When Concept Doesn't Work
Monday, November 1, 2004
I am so discouraged with professional theatre in Atlanta. GSFs production of Macbeth is a shining example of what is wrong with almost every show in the city. I sat and watched this show and was constantly pinching myself - not because I was enthralled with the artistry of the the show, but rather the lack of one basic honest moment. Shakespeare really is badly performed when it becomes a bombastic display of verbal calisthenics. GSF has a tendency to hire actors that focus way too much on how the words sound rather than using the words to play an honest action on stage. Since this is a recurring theme in their shows, I should not be surprised by the product. Shakespeare is hightened language - absolutely - but it must seem to us , the audience, as though that hightened language is emmanating from living breathing human beings, not Shakespearian vocal coaches. Daniel May does the best he can within the limits of the director's "concept" - but that concept was fairly poor in concept and poorer in execution. The set is very interesting and serves all sorts of interesting uses within the play. The lighting is nice - though with the lack of need for Rep (less intruments at the designers disposal) I would have expected some more specific work. The casting of the witches as multiple roles that reenforces the idea of fate was a good chjoice, but the zombie Bruce Evers was sort of bizzare. Didn't pay off in any wat for me.

An example of completey wrong direction - the scene where Banquo comes back to haunt Macbeth at the dinner - the director has Macbeth flipping over the table and yelling about seeing the ghost. Wouldn't the other folks at the dinner say to themselves, "Hmmm - seems Macbeth is insane." Instead they should feel he is not well in some way - with most of his lines either spoken to himself or spoken to his wife. Instead, this odd bit of direction makes the scene completely unbelievable and contrived.

The fight scenes were laborious too - not very interesting.

Look - this is one poor man's opinion, but I need to see some seeringly honest moments on stage to buy into any play I attend. More and more theatre is focusing on the spectacle, and less and less on honesty. The result is boring as hell. No risk - no vulnerability - just bombast and words ..... no honest actions - nothing we can relate too and reflect on in our real life.

I also saw THE FOURTH WALL at the Alliance last week - ooooo very very bad play. Another example of the AD at the Alliance (and this has been true for years) feeling that the great actors from other cities must be brought in to make a show great. Well these particular actors were forgettable at best.

I am sad and see little hope for theatre in this town.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield
Completely Funny
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I'm moving back to New York - another show by this company seems to be going unseen by Atlanta. I've lived in Atlanta for about five years and nothing seems to change. A bunch of mediocre theatre and when a good company comes along, no one seems to really notice or support them. Growing up in New York, I saw what great theatre is all about, and no one else in town is doing theatre as great as Actors Theatre of Atlanta - yet they seem to get no crowds (on the noghts I'm there it seems small to me). As an actor I also sit stupified to not see more actors from Atlanta at shows around town. It's almost as if Atlanta actors feel it is beneath them to go see shows for which they weren't cast - how stupid is this. i make sure a theatre comapny knows I have come to see their show - they should know I was there and suupport their work.

This show is funny and a hell of a lot of fun - Steve Coulter steals the show for me. He was so great in Underneath the Lintel, and here he is in a show that allows him to do something completely different. He is so funny in all the different roles he plays. He is amazing! There is an out of town actor named Henson Keys who is wonderful too - very very funny man, and Quint Von Canon is also wonderful. A great evening - made me laugh so much my face hurt. I highly recommend it!

UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL or An Impressive Display of Lovely Evidences, by Glen Berger
See it!
Sunday, June 6, 2004
I saw this show last year and will be going again this next week. Curt Holman picked it as The #1 Play of 2003 and even Wendell Brock loved it - I am so excited to get to see it again. What a gift from this young theatre company. They are doing it right. So YES i have not seen it again yet, but I will write again next week after I see it.

UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL or An Impressive Display of Lovely Evidences, by Glen Berger
See it before it closes!
Monday, August 18, 2003
I saw both of the shows this comapny is doing right now - Talley's Folly and this new show. This is one of the most interesting new plays I have seen in years. I don't agree with Wendell Brock very often, but this is indeed the "theatrical find of the summer."
This theatre company is by far the best new professional company to open in Atlanta in the last five years. I urge you all to get get there before Steve Coulter gives his final show this week - this is a must see show - a fantastic show!

Talley's Folly, by Lanford Wilson
Good Show!
Monday, August 18, 2003
Saw this show and loved it - from what I saw of the crowd at the theatre Sunday, no one else knows how good this company is - you own it to yourself to see Talley's Folly. Rhoda Griffis and Larry Larson are fantastic.

COLLECTED STORIES, by Donald Margulies
Brilliant Stories
Saturday, August 10, 2002
I am a member of the ACPA and recieved free preview tickets to see the Thursday evening show of COLLECTED STORIES. I sort of compare this show to how PROOF struck me at the Alliance this past year. Both shows are extremely well written and both are spectaculary acted and brilliantly presented. I am posting this review because you need to see this show if you love theater and it only runs through August 24th. I can't say enough good things about this show. The lighting, the set, the actors, the direction - there is a seemless quality to the whole evening and I give this the highest rating. - GO SEE COLLECTED STORIES!

Dinah Was, by Oliver Goldstick
Dinah Sings
Thursday, August 30, 2001
I agree with some of the previous review. The show is pretty wonderful when there's singing going on, but the actual play itself is pretty thin.

In general, it's a high energy evening and an interesting story.

The Good Doctor, by Neil Simon
Charming Play
Saturday, July 28, 2001
I had never seen this play by Neil Simon, and I went expecting the normal Simon banter. I was wrong - very wrong. This show has a little of everything for an audience. The play is a series on short scenes - some outrageously funny and some very touching. For a new acting company, I was astounded at the quality of the work, the set, and the acting company. Find a time to see this new company - a thousand times better than I thought they would be - and I am quite picky!

Two Rooms, by Lee Blessing
New and Wonderful
Saturday, July 28, 2001
I went to this show after seeing THE GOOD DOCTOR last week. I have gone to theatre since I was very young. This play was so very interesting. There is a performance in this play by an Atlanta actress named Rhoda Griffis that should not be missed! The whole cast is very good. There was a small crowd at the performance, but this new theatre company deserves to be seen - don't miss this show!

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