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The Sound of Music, by
What a Wonderful Surprise- Huge Talent, Small Theatre-Affordable!
Thursday, March 5, 2009
I am an avid theatre goer but typically go to larger venues. We saw Sound of Music was playing at Blackwell Playhouse last Friday and decided to venture north to Marietta to see my all time favorite show. We were a little worried when we arrived and the theatre was in a strip center with no frills but within a minute of the play starting we looked at each other in shock. This little theatre had talent so great, voices so strong and a Mother Abyss that gave us chills and made our jaws drop! It's a fantastic show. We saw in the program that the show is double casted. It's really great and was really Cheap...or should I say affordable abr $15. Maria was played by a lady named Lindsay and according to the program she's just back from years performing in NYC and you can tell it. She's delightful and very entertaining. The head mother superior was played by a lady named Amber. I tell you this because you do want to the cast members that we saw. I don't know about the other cast but these ladies talents are worthy for performing at the Fox. The kids...well they are the part of the show I love most. Gretl is darling, Fredrick is a great singer and actor but the little girl Isabella that plays Brigitta stole the show for us and others around us were saying the same at intermission. I would be willing to bet my last dollar that she'll be a star. She's got "it", you know the undescribable it factor. She's ready for Broadway with great energy, professional believable acting, doll faced brunette with a huge powerful soprano voice that seemd never missed a note and have perfect tone and pitch. When she was on stage your eye just pulled to her. You know when you see a performance and all week talk about that one person, well this little Brigitta (the middle aged Von Trapp girl) was our fav!
I called to see when this cast was performing next and was sad to hear they only have one more performance this Saturday night. I highly recommend going!

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