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The Wizard of Oz, by
The thing about any review is that it is simply one person's opinion...
Monday, March 16, 2009
my opinion may differ drastically than yours, but both are equally valid and not subject to question. But as
a parent of a daughter in graduating from this wonderful program this spring, I do take exception to the statement that this production was not up to North Springs standards. The "standard" of this school is to provide training to young people who desire to enter the extremely competitive world of entertainment once they finish college. Each and every production is a learning experience - an extension of the classroom for these kids --not just for the actors seen onstage, but also for the technical theatre students who aspire to be directors, stage managers, costume, set and sound designers, lighting directors
and special effects creators. And in some cases, like in "Oz," it also gives stage experience and training to dancers and orchestra members!

Shows are chosen for a variety of reasons -- maybe it's the director's new favorite, or a favorite from his childhood. Maybe a show is chosen to showcase a particular talent, but it's far more likely that shows are chosen to "teach" -- to stretch a group of actors beyond their comfort zone or to give tech students a chance to work with new ideas and gear! "The Wizard of Oz" was an extremely tech driven show. It gave this group of students the opportunity to shine by working with flying harnesses, pyrotechnics, new lighting and sound designs and an unprecedented number of sets -- opportunities that they would not at any other high school, and not at some colleges. That IS North Springs standards.

Every time an actor succeeds in a part, every time a tech student masters a new skill, every time a dancer "jitterbugs," the program is a success and North Springs standards are met.

I'm not sure what performance you saw, but I would suggest always attending a date closer to the end of the show's run. By then all the kinks are out, the performances honed. After reading your reviews I
can tell you are an avid theatre goer, so you are fully aware of its organic nature. It's constantly evolving, and hopefully, changing for the better. A later performance date will probably guarantee that you will not be disappointed and give you the most bang for your entertainment dollar.

To all others who may read this review, I'm not sure how many of you realize that all of these kids rehearse an average of 6 to 7 hours a day, AFTER 7 hours of curriculum that meets -- or exceeds - the
state's requirement college prep graduation requirements. In the case of seniors, not only are they rehearsing while maintaining GPA's that will gain them admittance to colleges, taking SAT's and ACT's,
filling out college applications - but in addition to the pressure of just getting accepted into a college, these kids travel all over the country to AUDITION for the few slots available in acting, musical theatre,
and technical theatre programs of major colleges and conservatories. And they do get accepted - because North Springs program works. North Springs standards are met.

Please do keep your promise and continue to attend and enjoy all of North Springs productions. They truly are great entertainment. Just remember that even though your entertainment and enjoyment are the ultimate end result of the program, the journey to get there is where the learning value is! This production does meet that standard. Every production of this school does.

Mama Robinson

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