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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield
Loved it
Saturday, July 17, 2004
Haven't seen anything funnier this year - I highly recommend it.

Dinah Was, by Oliver Goldstick
Flashy Dinah - Troubling Signals
Thursday, August 30, 2001
DINAH WAS opened last night at the Alliance. An exciting eveing all around - the opening of a new play at the Alliance and the opening of the tenure of Susan Booth as Artistic Director for the Alliance.

At the beginning of the evening as Ms. Booth thanked the sponsors of the show, she mentioned that this was the first show of her first season which drew strong applause from some of the crowd. A quick glance indicted that not all were happy to see the demise of Kenny Leon (I for one was happy to see a kind man who lacked the tools to run a major theatre depart). In general Ms. Booth was well reieved and she had a calm reassuring presence on stage during her speech. I mention this little item because it is a part of my general impression of the show and what we here in Atlanta can expect from Ms. booth's tenure.

The show itself was good. Chandra Currelley sings like a bird and captures the smart mouth of Dinah Washington - her acting at times lacked the depth one would like to see from a woman with such a troubled life. Local actress, Saycon Sengbloh also holds up her end of the show. The other characters are all good too. The main problem with the show is that 1) The script is brilliantly funny in some places and brilliantly bland in others, 2) The set in cumbersome awkward - a few times flying pieces nearly didn't make it out of view and the moving gold records (they had just hurridly flown in and moved throughout the next scene) were a distraction rather than significant - those are minor examples of what is a sophmoric design at best, 3) The direction is not only sophmoric, but awkward too. Put those three problems onto an already weak script, and what one gets is that sort of over-energetic (let's make up for the bad writing and make people believe this is good by our sheer will and energy expended so we can cover the flaws) acting that Atlanta audiences have so readily embraced. One day the audiences in Atlanta will begin to discern what is good acting from tricks and this show is unfortuantely the poster child for tricks - the responsiobility for that lies squarely on the shoulders of the director and the Artistic Director.

The show is OK - very good in some places (usually when there's singing not acting) BUT - here is where one gets a knot in the pit of one's stomach. Read through the bios and one quickly becomes aware of one glaring fact. The rest of the actors (and director) are all from somewhere that Susan Booth worked or has business associations. What's even more disturbing, the shows she has picked for this her first season, seem to be re-stagings of shows she has already seen or developed - that is a generalization, but read carefully Atlanta. Given some of the outrageous compromises the Board apparently made to bring Ms. Booth here to run, what should be the most influential theatre in the Southeast, we can all wonder what we are in for in the future.

The Alliance Theatre has the budget and business support to be the best theatre in the country. What we get - on a consistent basis is OK theatre, at top notch prices. Stop standing for passable work Atlanta. Be objective and demand better.

Having gone into detail about about all these issues, I will tell you that I am very interested to see what Ms. Booth's first, second and third years will bring us.

Let's hope the Alliance brings the Artistic Community together! This is Ms. Booth's real challange and one that so far is still up in the air. There will be many out there who will put this review down as being negative - try truthful and one might be able to see what is important about the state of the theatre in Atlanta.

Two Rooms, by Lee Blessing
Friday, August 3, 2001
I don't know what show the guy from the AJC saw - he is way off base. He seemed to miss the whole point if you ask me .... it's not an historical play. The production is much better than he says - go see for yourself.

Two Rooms, by Lee Blessing
Monday, July 30, 2001
Go see this show. I sat in an audience of 13 people and I was stunned! This is real theater!

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