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Wit, by Margaret Edson
Genius In Action
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
The nature of this performance forces me to write a review of it. This is my first review for this site, and quite frankly it is the first review I have ever written for a play. I am a writer by vocation, and this is the first showing of Wit that I have seen; though I regularly attend many Atlanta Theater events.

The script at the base of the performance is brilliant; a combination of the highest levels of verbal poetry and thought with the most universally available of human understanding. The protagonist is suffering from cancer, but it is not a play about a woman who is suffering from Cancer, it is a play about a woman who is learning the value of simple kindness and humanity. It is that rarest of gifts, forced introspection. And yet the true genius of the work is that this forced introspection is voluntary; thus avoiding treacle. It shows us someone to whom 'life was passing by' and now realizes, by her own determination for the inner truth of her situation, the need for the simple things in life.

The performance is a perfect match for the script. The primary actress playing the part does an excellent job. More importantly, she draws you into the character in such a way as to maximize your suspension of disbelief. I had the ability to attend the performance when the writer was there and you could tell that she was pleased by how things went. People were in tears. People were in awe. Indeed, it was this reaction that forced me to write this review.

The set itself is brilliantly minimalist whilst still having impressive props. The other characters and props/settings are brought in to rotate around our protagonist, at first to highlight her centrist point of view and then later to focus on the unique sadness of her experience.

I cannot recommend enough that you see this play.

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