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Pirates of Penzance, by Gilbert & Sullivan
Worthy of Time and Money Spent- Fabulous Venue
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
This was a spectacular show! The person playing Kate was superb. From the lovely renovated theatre to the acting, vocals, sets and costume, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this show!

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, by Eric Blau, Mort Shuman, Jacques Brel
Jacques Brel- At the Alliance....A Disappointment but Oustanding Performan
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
I was disappointed with the production of Jaques Brel at the Alliance. At intermission, I realized my expectations of the show in the grand Alliance Theatre were not being met. Why? This is the question that I asked myself....

I think the love duets that were suppose to be heterosexual was not very believable to me based specifically on Craig Meyer. Yes, his voice is fantastic but there's more that was needed. I have no idea of his sexuality and it doesn't matter at all to me but I did feel he appeared to be a gay man playing in heterosexual love scene. The actresses were gorgeous and didn't feel the connection between him and the beauties such as the amazing Courtenay Collins with incredible stage presence and a voice that brings chills me. I have seen Courtaney perform over the years and she is always spectacular with her acting, dancing, looks, and singing. What a performer! Mr. Meyers had done some really great shows I have seen him in, his performance in this show didn't do it for me.

To me Courtaney Collins was my stand out of the show!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, by Based on the Ian Fleming Book, Music by the Sherman Brothers
My Favorite Movie hits the Stage
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
This was a sensation show but of course it was at the Fox and a Broadway Across America, so expectations were high. The show delivered great entertainment, high quality vocals and choreography! I loved the kids in this show. The little boy playing the son was sensational. I read he is a southern boy but his accent didn't show it. What a great dancer! The little girl was outstanding. Well, the entire show gave me chills to watch it. The music for the show again was right on target. So, if you have a chance to catch this show in another city, I highly recommend it. The costumes were so great too. If you missed it here, look out for the Broadway Across America shows because they are always great.

The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Secret Garden-Young Actress Has Audience in Her Hand-Incredible Performance
Sunday, May 3, 2009
I left the theatre realizing I had been caught up in the spell of the young actress portraying Mary Lennox. As most everyone knows this classic story, but Mary Lennox is more than an audience could want. She was on-stage almost the entire two hours with incredible stage presence and believability. I had seen the movie and the Broadway show in years past. To me, the Mary Lennox in this show was the best of all. I noted in the program the show was double casted and inquired before leaving as to which actress was playing Mary Lennox. Her name is Isabella Farkas- only ten years old. Go see the show and you will understand why I felt compelled to review the show. I went with a friend and was blown away by the show. I see lots of shows around town...kinda of theatre junkie. So, when I say the show's good and this little actress is AMAZING, trust me....go see her before she's snatched up for Broadway. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SHOW (I'm sure the other person cast is Mary is good but if it works in your schedule to catch the show with Isabella as Mary, I can guarantee you it will be a show you will remember for years). The tickets were really cheap too..I think only $12. Anyway, it's a show not to miss and there were plenty of seats at the show.

Midnight at the Masquerade
by The Murder Mystery Company
The Murder Mystery Company in Atlanta
by Laura King
Onion Man Productions
Glengarry Glen Ross
by David Mamet
Pinch n' Ouch Theatre
Shakespeare in Love
by Lee Hall, based on work by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard
Alliance Theatre Company
by Laura King
Onion Man Productions
August: Osage County
by Tracy Letts
Lionheart Theatre Company
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
by Rajiv Joseph
7 Stages
Glengarry Glen Ross
by David Mamet
Pinch n' Ouch Theatre
Shakespeare in Love
by Lee Hall, based on work by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard
Alliance Theatre Company
The Dixie Swim Club
by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
Onstage Atlanta, Inc.
The Glass Menagerie
by Tennessee WIlliams
Actors Theatre of Atlanta
The Spy Who Murdered Me
by Kevin Gillese
Agathas: A Taste of Mystery
Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up
by Lucy Alibar
Aurora Theatre

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