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The Producers, by Mel Brooks
My opinion
Thursday, June 18, 2009
I think that it's time to provide a review that truly speaks to what encompasses this show. First of all, I thought the show was good. I don't think it was perfect, by any means. Yet, I give it a solid "B" performance. Here is what I liked about it:

1. Due to the size of this show, along with the people he had to work with, I thought that G. Scott Riley did an outstanding job as director. Certainly, there were a few moments where I would have suggested something else, but overall, he did an amazing job with this show.
2. I thought the ensemble did a fantastic job as a whole. Their individual characters were excellent and commend them on part of the reason the show was a success.
3. Ryan Young, Peter Perrozi, Gretchen Rebecca Gordon, Allen Cox, Ramon Rodriguez, and Cheryl Rogers were amazing. All of them took a scene and ran with it. If it wasn't for them and the ensemble as a whole, the scenes would have put me to sleep.
4. The costumes, while a bit lacking in details from time to time, where pretty well executed. I have to give the costume designer kudos for this one due to the massive amounts of costumes they had to create.
5. The band was very good. Bob Russell certainly did a great job with pulling the combo together.
6. Lighting was also an exceptional job. I thought the lighting cues were timed well and the spotlight certainly helped.
7. The cast is to be commended on one heck of good choreography. I hear that the choreographer was a bit psycho (yes, I do hear things through the grapevine), but the cast certainly deserves the credit on this one. I particularly liked the regular dancers (the ones that did "I want to be a Producer" song and the "Springtime for Hitler" scene). They were amazing.

Now, what did I not like about the show? Well...

1. I didn't like the set design. I thought that it looked rushed to be assembled for the show. There were plenty of lacking elements that should have been paid attention to.
2. I thought that Max Bialystock killed Act 2. There is something about his acting that did not appeal to me. His facial expressions remained almost constant throughout the show and his singing was, well, not good. Yet, you could tell that he knew he was not a good singer and tried to cover it up by handling the music differently. Although that was a valiant effort on his part, that part needs to be strong and felt that he lacked in this department. His song, "Betrayed" was just awful. He was out of breath and forced the band to slow down to accomodate his lack of energy. I believe that if Rosewater had found a good Max, this show would have been close to a "5", but Max is the reason it didn't rate that high of a number.
3. Roger DeBris also lacked in the flamboyant department. He came across as a straight man feeling uncomfortable about playing a gay man. Enough said.
4. I thought the music direction of this show was very poor. I'm not referring to the band (as I mentioned above that it was fantastic). I'm talking about getting the people to actually sing was very poorly directed. Max, Leo, and everyone else seemed to start singing about three or four words into the lyrics on many of the songs.

Other than these, I think the show as a whole was very well directed and a decent performance. Rosewater has had some better shows and they have, most certainly, had some worse shows. I believe stacked up with a lot of other community theater around town, they have certainly put their mark on this year. So, take it for what it's worth, but that's my honest opinion.

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