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A Sunday Afternoon at Loehmann's, by John Gibson & Anthony Morris
An Entertaining Night
Thursday, August 6, 2009
First of all, yes it is not Shakespeare. It is not a Broadway musical. However, it is an entertaining night at the theatre. The show itself had some very delightful moments. The show is full of character(literally), and it never once lost me. As an actress though, I may be a little biased to how the magic of theatre works, but I am not that forgiving when it comes to raw talent,and comedic timing which this show has. Wendy Fulton- Adams is a delight to watch on stage. One of the few actresses in this show that has a written character arc, she takes us through the journey of every emotion that this charcater encompasses. Amy Gandolfi was Diane the night I went, and as always committed fully to her character which was deceptive and borderline crazy. The funeral scene between Diane and Carol (Wendy and Amy), was a riot to watch. Alan Phelps (Bob) really demonstrated the frustration that comes along with married life and his dry sense of humor and sometimes deadpan face was hilarious to watch. Ryan Alison (Angela) had an especially few nice moments on stage one of which was her discussion with he partner online, and the other was during the death of her partner. I however, do wish we could have scene a little more of how the death impacted her, maybe with a monologue. Justin Miles is adorable and his delivery of lines is impeccable! Dulce Sloan (Lauren)is also a riot to watch and props to her for coming into the show while it is up and running. She was delightfully sassy and her singing during the funeral scene brought a tear to my eye. She really held her own on stage with all of the talent surrounding her. Linda Snow (Aunt Viva) had the strongest character on stage. Her talent was obvious when it came to comedic timing, however the one moment she and Angela share on stage with her brief monologue about picking yourself back up again, really showed her true talent as an actress. Kelly David Carr (Ben) did a fantastic job. His charcater encompassed a subtle sweetness about him, however the underlying hurt that comes with love and giving it was very apparent in his performance. Plus, if anyone in that show was going to be unclothed, well...good job with that too Kelly. Christie Vosniak (Jenny) did a great job with the youthful exuberance that the show needed. Pam Sharpe (Brenda) physically looked the part to a tee. All in all, this is a delightful night at the theatre, and I really could not stop laughing. I walked out and my face actual hurt from smiling so much.

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