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Grey Gardens, by Book: Doug Wright; Music: Scott Frankel; Lyrics: Michael Korie
2 main characters' performances were amazing
Sunday, August 30, 2009
Jill Hames is now one of my favorite Atlanta actresses. If you are a fan of the documentary or movie, you must see this play. I saw the preview performance on Friday and left happy. Jill was able to play both of her roles with such amazing conviction and truth. I can't imagine the amount of work it took to prepare for these roles and I greatly respect her. She also has a great voice too! Kathleen McManus does an amazing job as well as Big Edie. The second act was great seeing both of these actresses share the stage together. It was MUCH stronger than the 1st act.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast fell way way short, (with the exception of Michael Monroe who did a good job). The other actors were ok and I'd say they gave C- to D+ performances. Just a little disappointing because everything I've seen at Actors Express has always had great actors. It was a little surprising. Sarah Turner, though having a beautiful voice, didn't portray the Little Edie character well at all. She was very one-demensional and played the role as a naive girl, which didn't match the character at all. Very disappointing.
Still, I enjoyed the musical because of the wonderful music and lyrics, Jill and Kathleen's performance/character development, and the great mother-daughter relationship of this story. Please see this play.

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