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The Music Man, by Meredith Willson
Overall enjoyable. Eulalie and Urns steal the show!
Saturday, April 2, 2011
After reading these last two reviews, I felt compelled to put in my two-sense.
Overall, I think this production is entertaining.
I was not impressed by the costumes or set, I liked the concept of black and white, but it was not executed well....
I had the most issues with Harold Hill. Trey Getz had a lot of energy but was not a believable Hill. He was too young and did not deliver his lines with any depth. The character of Hill is a con man- I didn't see that in Getz's interpretation! Also, I felt there was a lack of chemistry between him and Marion, who seemed much older than Hill, as Getz looks like he is barely legal. I applaud Getz for his effort, but I was not happy with the casting decision. I would have liked to see him tackle the role of Marcellus, if he ever did this show again.
Jill Ginsberg was a fine Marion. Her voice was beautiful and I enjoyed her interpretation of the character. Her rendition of goodnight, my someone was gorgeous! I had some small issues with her, mainly this: I couldn't see her face throughout a lot the scenes, she didn't turn towards the audience at certain points. I felt like I missed her reactions to key parts of the show. But overall, job well done! Also, my note about costumes can be disregarded for her- and only her. Her costumes were beautiful!
Mrs. Paroo. Fantastic! She was a breath of fresh air. The accent was very good.
Winthrop. I know he is only a child, but why did the musical director not work with him to get on pitch? Every time he sang, he was flat or sharp, or something! Also, when he sang, his lisp went away. I don't want to be too harsh, as he is only a child, but why was this not addressed by the musical director? I blame him, not the child. And I must say, the acting was fine, the singing was the only real issue.
Eulalie Shinn. What a comedic gem! Along with her grecian urn ladies, she stole the show! I absolutely loved every choice she made! Laughed out loud every time! Brava! From the moment she enters with her solo, she wins over the audience, right up until she is told to sit down by her husband at the end of the show. Her performance alone is worth the ticket price! My favorite moment was when she leapt across the stage during the grecian urn scene. Hilarious!
The Mayor. The night I saw the show, it appeared he forgot a lot of his lines. I know he is supposed to be tongue-tied, but something was off. I wasn't his biggest fan.
Marcellus. Overall, good job. He played off of certain individuals very well- like Harold and Ethel. Very fun to watch during Shipoopi (especially when he danced with Ethel!) I think his microphone was having some issues, the night I saw him, as I couldn't hear him that well during his duet with Harold.
Charlie Cowell. He was very upset over Hill not knowing the territory and I enjoyed him in the opening number; but I was not satisfied with the bit about him coming on to Marion. He just seemed out of place in that scene... It was odd.
The Quartet. Awesome! I especially enjoyed the tall man. I do not remember his character name, but he was fun to watch and a standout. The men really shined during "Lida Rose". It was a great number and their comedic timing was wonderful! The other members of the quartet are great, but I have some issues hearing them deliver their actual lines throughout the show...
Grecian Urns. Eulalie and her urns stole the show! (They are also worth the ticket price!) The standouts (aside from Mrs. Shinn) were Ethel and Mrs. Squires. Ethel delivers such amazing facial expressions and a crazy, contagious laugh that has the audience cracking up all throughout the show. Look for her "pianola playing". It is outrageously funny! Mrs. Squires has such amazing energy and facial expressions -especially during the pick a little scene. Look for her fantastic pose during the "2 Grecian Urn" moment. The other urn ladies are fabulous, but not up to par, comedically, with Eulalie, Ethel, and Squires.
The children. There are so many of them! I applaud Fabrefaction for their efforts- as I am sure it was a tedious rehearsal process with all of those kids! Great job!

As I previously stated, the show is enjoyable! I would recommend certain people and scenes to many people! If you see this show, go for Eulalie, Marion, Ethel, Mrs. Squires, the urn ladies, and the quartet. They are the clear standouts. The Music Man has its moments, the dancing is fun, the energy of the cast is great, and the overall show is a delight.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, by Songs - William Finn; book - Rachel Sheinkin
Saturday, November 6, 2010
Since I just reviewed the GET production of this, I figured I should send my praise the production I liked best. I will make it short and sweet, as it was several months ago I saw this. It may seem like I am not giving enough praise- or detail. But I believe I should say something!
Mitch Mahoney: He could not sing. I liked the mobster character choice, but other than that, he was horribly cast.
Will Barfee: Not original in any way- very disappointing that you made Barf into an unoriginal, mean, depressing kid. Also, the kid needs to cut his hair. Now I saw this production several months ago, so maybe did by now...
Marcy Park: What a talent! She is just perfect in this part.
Olive: She gave Olive depth- she made the character grow! I liked her voice a lot.
Chip: He couldn't really sing, but played Chip perfectly. He was a smart ass horndog- just as I wanted him to be. Also, his southern Jesus was pretty entertaining!
Logainne: She was cute and had a good voice, but for some reason, that I cannot remember, I could not relate to her. Like, I didn't really care when she was eliminated. I just don't remember why I felt this way.
Panch: I did not care for him. He made an impartial word pronouncer who eventually falls for Rona Lisa Peretti into a pedophile. However, I did like some of his one liners- like the partial baseball score one...
Coneybear: Super talented kid. He played three parts. The kid, dad, and Olive's dad. What a voice and talent. Nick Morrett will be going far- I look forward to seeing him in more shows.
Rona Lisa Peretti: My favorite of the cast- and basically the reason I am writing this review right now. After seeing the GET production, I was angry on your behalf, that you were not cast in the same role!! This lady, Jennifer Waldman had a remarkable voice!! I think you could hear a pin drop every time she sang. The way she played the character was perfect. She was an old champion who was sassy, intelligent, and acted superior to others. Why she is not in the GET production with her old cast mates, I do not understand.
Overall a fantastic production except for the following: Mitch Mahoney's singing voice (non existent), the entire performance given by Barf, and the set.
I just wish I had reviewed this sooner!

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, by William Finn (music and lyrics) and Rachel Sheinkin (book)
Saturday, November 6, 2010
Let me just start by saying this is one of my favorite shows. I saw it on Broadway twice and have seen every Atlanta production so far: Alliance, Rosewater, Fabrefaction, and now this theater company.
Last night I took the wife and kids to see "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at GET and I must say I was far from impressed. My wife and I are big fans of this theater company and we were both expecting to be blown away by this production, but were disappointed.
The biggest disappointment was Rona Lisa Peretti- she was just terrible! But I will go down the list of characters so you can see what I thought of everyone.

Rona Lisa Peretti: When I was reading her bio, I found I actually had seen her in a few productions in Atlanta before- I never cared for her... Why is she still getting work in musicals?
In this performance, I believed she did nothing with her character. She simply memorized her lines and just spoke when she had to. Isn't Rona Lisa Peretti supposed to be an old spelling bee champion who is proud, excited, and almost snooty in a champion's type of way?? That was not there at all! Also, she completely butchered my favorite song from the show: "The I love you song" Not only did she alter the rhythm of the beginning "oohs" (which was made obvious as the band was playing the music correctly), but she couldn't handle the song vocally and was drowned out by the band and two other people singing with her. My kids were squeezing my hand, asking me when it would be over, every time she opened her mouth sing. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E casting decision!!! If I was the director I would have gone to Rosewater's production over the summer and snatched up their Rona Lisa. That girl could sing like no other- and she had the character down!
Doug Panch: He was a lot better than the Panches I have seen around town. He delivered the lines in a monotone way, as I believe they should be delivered. I liked how we was generally impartial to all of the spellers. Also, we got to her him sing at the end- he had an ok voice. However, he was not a standout or all that memorable.
Mitch Mahoney: Not the best or the worst in the cast. He had a good voice, but sometimes sounded like he was going to crack during the songs. I liked him best as one of the dads to Logainne. As the comfort counselor, I didn't believe him as a scary enforcer, out on parole type. And when he sang "The I Love You Song" I thought he was way too young to be Rona's husband- but that was not his fault. I did like how they made the comfort counselor into a biker guy, I thought that was clever.
Marcy Park: I love this girl! She was superb as Marcy at Rosewater and even better in this production! She has an excellent voice and was fun to watch. I have seen her in other productions in Atlanta: Mulan and Singin' in the Rain and believe there is no part she can't handle. The girl is just amazingly talented! Six Languages was one of my favorite numbers last night.
Olive: I saw her in the Music Man two years ago and didn't even recognize her last night. What a great job she did! I thought she was a great Olive. I liked her voice a lot, except during the "yes I do" in the duet with Barf. I just wished she would have gone a bit further with her character; I wanted her to blow me away towards the end, but it wasn't there. I always thought Olive was suppose to get stronger and less awkward, but she didn't really do that...
Logainne: Of all the productions I have seen of Spelling Bee (in Atlanta) she is my favorite Logainne. I thought she was sweet, cute, and trying very hard to please her dads- which was just great! My kids loved her. The car ride home last night was filled with "lisping" conversations! The only thing I didn't like: sometimes it sounded like she was going to fizzle out vocally. She needs to pace herself better with her song- because that is a tricky number.
Chip: Second to Rona, he was my least favorite. He didn't play Chip as the smart ass, returning champ, horny kid that he is- he was just blah. Oh and the vocal riffs he did during his "unfortunate distraction"- yuck! I didn't know what was worse, the fact that he sang "distraction" or that he did those vocal runs. It was not a pop song!! I was enjoying his voice at first, especially during "Pandemonium", but what he did with the other song was just not fitting to the character.
Coneybear: Eh. He was alright, but definitely not my favorite. Where was the over the top, not that smart, crazy Coneybear? This kid was just there wearing a helmet! Also, his singing was irritating me- he was randomly nasal throughout the show- was that him or was it a character choice? I did not care for it either way. His alter ego, the dad to Logainne was disappointing! As my wife put it: Where was his evil, determined to make his kid win, super queen side? He did not do justice to his characters. I wish the kid from Rosewater could have done this part again- except he was playing Barf!!
Barfee: This kid is incredible! He nailed Barfee. I loved everything he did- his singing, his acting, and the way he spelled the words with his foot! It was refreshing to see Barf played differently from the original production- as so many people have been doing lately. Just an incredibly talented kid!

Overall, this production was ok. Marcy Park and William Barfee were the clear standouts. If you choose to see this show, it will be for those two. The rest of the cast, with the exceptions of Rona and Chip are quite good. The choreography was excellent and the set was very authentic looking. I liked the side banners showing off the school mascot. Also, the band was quite good. However, because of the two weak links I had previously mentioned, I can say this show was just ok. I just have to say this: If they were able to pull Marcy Park and Barfee from the Rosewater production, why couldn't they do that with Chip and Rona?

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