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The Boys Next Door, by Tom Griffin
moving and funny
Thursday, September 2, 2010
Granted, The Boys Next Door is a script I have had on my "favorites" list for a long time, so my expectations were high when I attended the production at Georgia Ensemble Theaatre. In spite of having to warm up to some of the characters over the course of the show, overall, it was a fine production. I give very high marks to all the technical aspects: set, sound, and particularly to the amazing lighting design. The direction by Tess Kinkaid was obviously tender and strong; her love for the script was apparent. The staging of the dream sequences and the chaos scenes were genius. The actors who get my bouquets of roses are Luis Hernandez as Norman, Spencer Stephens as Lucien, Charles Green as three minor characters, and Rial Ellsworth as the hateful, sad, disappointed Mr. Klemper. John Benzinger was exceptionally strong as Arnold Wiggins and bought much laughter with his physicality and his line delivery, but he didn't show enough vulnerability to make him entirely believeable to me. David Kronawitter as Jack and Chad Martin as Barry Klemper were inconsistent in their characterizations. I would see the character for awhile then I saw the actor for guess is they will settle in more during the run of the show. Cara Mantella as Sheila was questionable casting; she is attractive, well put together, slim, and young, which is not what I expected of Sheila. Wendy Milkonian differentiated among her three roles, but only the role of Mrs. Warren was convincingly real with the role of Clara earning high points for effort. The show is in a very early stage; I saw a preview, so it will only get better and better. Go see it. It will make you laugh and cry and think....good theatre, indeed!

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