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The Robber Bridegroom, by Alfred Uhry/Eudora Welty
Yeehaw good time.
Saturday, September 29, 2001
Ever listened to an older relative tell a srory for about the 50th time? Then you know how it gets embellished with each telling. That is the inspriation behind the style chosen for Theatre Gael's The Robber Bridergroom. Whether using a main character or the ensemble, the play propells the audience into the world of tall tales (much like Pecos Bill). The audiene has no trouble accepting this as reality. For the most part, the cast does a wonderful job of sticking to the style. Marcie Millard grasps Rosomund's innocence and naive charms while remaining true to the humor and largeness of the style. Nevin Milller, as the inbred Goat, is the requisite lame-brained unwilling instument of evil. Who would think that that would be as charming as it is? And Donna Wright carries the humor through the play with her oversexed, underappreciated Salome. Several poeple in the audience were quoting "BYE" thanks to her comic brilliance.

Sherri Sutton brings a touch of downhome humor by putting together the Goat Family Bluegrass Extravaganza, and the trio takes it from there. Prepare to tap your toes and sing along in the preshow.

Sutton(director) has chosen to bring puppets into the mix. A briilant idea when executed correctly. Let's just say that some actors get the concpet better than others.

The only chritisism I have is that the music was recorded. Not too distracting, but there is fodder for more interaction with the band and more authentic sounds when the bluegrass is played live.

The theme of the evening is good fun. Leave your analytical thougths of Checkovian theatre at the door and come ready to be entertained. Believe you me, you will be.

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