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Albatross, by Lee Nowell
Not enough suspense or too much?
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I have every little to add to what the previous critic wrote. The problem for me was that they dragged out the suspense and the answers for so much time that it became a bit uninteresting to me. Maybe I watch to much television and that has shortened my attention span. See what watching too many Matlock episodes does? Anyway, the show certainly had some great moments-just not enough to add up to a really great show.

Itís Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, by Meredith Willson
Not A Miracle, but A wonder
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I have wanted to post a review for a long time now. I just didn't want to hurt people's feelings, or give too much praise. I have watched this site for a bit, and my husband has convinced me that every one's opinion is viable. So-Here goes.

This show had a serious amount of potential. Just look at the names associated with it-Jeff McKerely, Spencer Stephens on the production end. On the acting side, there is plenty of recognizable talent.

The first problem with this show is not really anyone's fault. It is the play itself. It veers from a wonderfully proven script to add and switch things around. It makes the play almost a travesty when compared to the 1947 film on which it was based.

The next problem is the music. Nothing more than a drummer and a keyboard. this may work well for some smaller musicals, but not a Meredith Willson style score. I almost wished that they had opted for tracks-this may have helped many of the singers not to get lost as they seemed too.

I also could not hear most of the dialogue and singing from my seat in the back. I have seen a few shows there, and they usually have body microphones. Turns out that there is a good reason for that.

Mr. Emerson is delightful as Santa Clause, and certainly looks the part. He is the strongest part of the show. Him, and Emily Sams. She brings a wonderful fresh approach to Doris. A mixture of Maureen O'Hara and her own concoction. She has a wonderful singing voice as well.

Brett Cooper was cute enough as Susan, but the director lets her drag out and milk every line. In bit roles (several)Rob Hardie, Jeff Boyce and Paul Komorner ad funny moments and some needed energy. My only complaint is that some scenes with Komorner lacked some polish. My guess is that those scenes will improve with time. Anna Kiser Kemmerer seems talented enough but is totally miscast as Shellhammer. I felt sorry for her as she put forth this great effort, only to have it fall flat with unbelievability. Not to mention an atrocious baggy costume. Another miscast is Olivia Harlow as the D.A. Are we really supposed to believe she is a D.A. in NYC? In 1947? She seems to be about 16.

The rest of the cast is adequate. It is just the bad choices by the staff and director, Jerry Harlow that bring this show down. It is hard to believe that this was choreography by Jeff McKerely, it was really that awkward.

Probably the best staff decision was a very functional and artistically pleasing set design by Rob Hadaway. It made scene changes on the swift side.

Worst moment-Having a much too old teen play a part meant for a 7 year old in the court.

Best Moment- Any scene between Santa Clause and Doris Walker.

I have not tried to offend anyone. I was just really disappointed. I have seen Harlow's work before and enjoyed it. Especially his Little Shop a few years back. This was just one big miss. A Merry Chris-Mess? Oh, now that is bad.

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