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There Goes The Bride, by By Ray Cooney & John Chapman
Say “I DO” to this one
Saturday, August 13, 2011
A friend of mine had an extra ticket and I never pass up a chance for free theater! Cute show with some timing issues. Bit of a slow start, but once the bride’s father entered the farce was off and running (John Stanier as the dad was comic backbone of the night . . . very strong). The premise is whacky – dad gets hit on the head and sees imaginary Polly the Flapper (perky and adorable Amy Lester) putting the wedding in jeopardy. When he gets hit on the head again . . . well, it gets pretty darn crazy. Lisa Clark is convincing as the uptight mother of the bride. Murry Sarkin and Gloria Szokoly as the grandparents had some great one liners. Fun night!

A Chorus Line, by
Challenging show done pretty well
Saturday, August 13, 2011
(revised 8/13 to add review title and to increase rating)
Wonderful job! Not perfect but we really enjoyed it.
First off, huge kudos to Aurora for taking on such a challenging show. How nice to see something that has not been done over and over locally (that’s right MUSIC MAN and SPELLING BEE . . . I’m talking to you). My husband had actually never seen the show and his first comment was how it was great to hear the familiar songs in context of the overall story.
Next, Aurora is a really great theater space. I’ve said it before . . . I really prefer true theaters built for the purpose of performing. Not to take away from the many great local companies that have carved out homes elsewhere, but this kind of show could only work where the production level is really high (yep, Aurora pulls out all the technical stops). The sets and lighting were terrific. Costumes really accented the show well (despite the previously reviewed ill fitting plaid pants).
Overall the cast was good and I applaud the hard work they all put in. Everyone on the stage poured their heart and soul into their roles. There were some great voices, some great actors and some great dancers. With that said . . . there weren’t really any real triple threats. The women fared better then the men. We really enjoyed Sheila (Meredith Campbell), Connie (Leslie Bellair), Cassie (Pamela Gold) and Val (Courtney Godwin). All had great moments to shine. For the men, top honors go to Aurora Artistic Director Anthony Rodriguez as Zach. He was a perfect puppet master of sorts. Also liked Terry Guest as Richie (tons of energy and fun).
The overall production is really great. Take the drive out to Lawrenceville! You’ll be glad you did.

To Kill a Mockingbird, by based on the book by Harper Lee, dramatized by Christopher Sergel
Lovely Job
Wednesday, August 3, 2011
We haven’t been to the theater in a while. When we go we usually gravitate toward musicals and lighter fare. Both of us love the book and have never seen the play so off we went. And the verdict is … pretty darn good. First - accolades to the tech side. Great set, costumes were terrific, good lighting. The Acting was good. In particular we likes Jasper Watts (terrific … standout in the show), Mike Yow (very convincing Finch with lots of heart) and Barbara McFann. The kids were great too (Kealy Ford made a super Scout).
Fans of the book will not be disappointed! Be sure to check this out while there is still time!

The Music Man, by Meredith Willson
The trouble with TROUBLE
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
We don’t usually make the trek from Northern OTP down to Midtown for theater, but my husband is a foodie and wanted to try the restaurant MILLER UNION, so … two birds, one stone. Dinner was great, show just OK.

My biggest issue with this production was Harold Hill (not an easy role to pull off). While Trey Gertz had a good singing voice and lots of energy, I just couldn’t buy him as the legendary con man. He didn’t seem confident in lyrics for “Trouble” and “76 Trombones” and his characterization / affectations didn’t suggest a leading man. Sorry if I sound harsh. I do think Mr. Gertz has talent … I just don’t think this is the right role for him.

Choreography was iffy. Some folks on stage really sold it, most seemed tentative. “Marion the Librarian” was very stilted … seemed to go on forever.
For costumes and sets, I understood the theme of black and white and adding color as the show goes on, but the set painting seemed like they ran our of time, slapped on a coat white primer and trimmed the edges in black … I expect more from “professional” theater.

We did like some things. Jill Ginsberg has a beautiful voice and made a believable Marion.
Really enjoyed the quartet (“Lyda Rose” always plucks the strings of my heart).
There were lots of adorable kids (with triple casting of youth roles). Kudos to all the youngsters for getting out on that stage and giving it their all!

Maybe I’ve seen MUSIC MAN too many times and am comparing too much to past productions … so I suggest you go and form your own opinion.

Butterflies Are Free, by Leonard Gershe
Knowing nothing about thi show, I thought ...
Monday, March 21, 2011
I have to preface my review by saying I've never seen the movie and I didn't know anything more than the premise, so I went in with no expectations. That is always fun because I don’t catch myself comparing the current production to previous. That said … I really liked this show!

Great Job across the board to the actors. Both my husband and I felt Megan Hayes was the standout, but all performances shined. Ms. Hayes was indeed “kooky and sexy” as Jill and fun to watch. Kudos to Josh Donahue for convincingly pulling being blind. I have to imagine that takes a lot of effort, yet he did so effortlessly. Jo Howarth did a great job and yes, I did cry a bit in the second act.

Great Job on the technical aspects as well. Sets were good, costumes were good … all kinds of good in this production. We have not seen a lot of shows at Stage Door Players, but this surely will entice us to do so more often.

Leader of the Pack, by Book by Anne Beatts, Music & Lyrics by Ellie Greenwich & Friends
Fun Night
Sunday, March 6, 2011
Had a good time tonight at Lyric. Once again they have provided a high energy production with great choreography and music. I was not all that invested in the actual story, but the fun of the numbers made the evening worth the ticket. Cheers to the ensemble! They were great. I agree with previous reviewer that the lighting could have been better.

Hairspray, by Mark O'Donnell, Thomas Meehan, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
Some Good Things, and Some Not So Good
Sunday, December 19, 2010
Tonight's performance of Hairspray played to a sold out crowd. And don't bother trying to get tickets for the final performance tomorrow as it is sold out as well. This says a lot about the fun energy of this show. The best thing about this production is the space. The theater at the MJCC is really nice. A lot of local theaters are crammed into spaces that were designed to be something else. This is a true theater and instantly raises the production value. Overall the show was good and well received by the audience. I do feel that the good was peppered by some not so good but the overall performance was commendable.

- The Set – Simple and effective. I really liked the three sided moving columns and the Hefty Hideaway.
- The Costumes – Lots of costumes! Very bright, fun, vintage, well suited for the 60’s. Nice Job.
- The choreography – high energy, interesting, fun. Good Job.
- Some Very Good Performances – Wilbur, Penny, Amber. While not the necessarily starring roles, they were fully committed even when not the focus. Also the Dynamite trio was great!
- Some Good Performances – Velma, Edna, Corny. Nice work, nice character choices.
- Overall energy of the cast as a whole. You could tell they were all having a lot of fun up there.

- Volume – I had trouble hearing some actor’s dialogue. Some actors rushed lines and others were just too quiet. There were also times that I could not hear the lyrics over the band.
- Some Not So Good Performances – In my meager opinion, there were some actors that were not up to the material. I do not want to get into specifics, but a couple of actors did not seem to fully embrace or understand the well written characters they were playing. There were others who strained their vocals (maybe to try and be heard over the band).
- Pacing (in some scenes) – The show is mostly music and short scenes, but there were a couple of scenes that were very slow. Combine the slow pace with the volume issues and you have a deadly combination.
- Edna’s physique – So, how do I put this? I’ve already said I thought the performance was pretty good, but to be blunt ... she was not fat enough or frumpy enough. When you start with an Edna that is curvy and well dressed, you do not get to see the character transform from timid and afraid to leave the house to confident and proud enough to strut her stuff on national TV.

So there you have it ... the good and the not so good. While I did have issues, I really enjoyed myself tonight and so did the sold out crowd (an enthusiastic standing ovation during the curtain call). I applaud Ms. Shadwell and the entire team for their hard work and boundless energy.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, by Meredith Willson
If Only ...
Thursday, December 16, 2010
I preface this by stating that "Miracle of 34th Street" is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I really wanted to enjoy this show, but that was not the case.
The music was not that good, staging was weak and overall the show just didn't do much for me. I've seen some of these actors do good work, but this show did not bring out the bet in anyone.

So I guess I'll pull out my DVD of the original and grab some eggnog and settle in for some good Christmas entertainment

42nd Street, by Book by Michael Stewart & Mark Bramble; Music by Harry Warren; Lyrics by Al Dubin
Fun ... Not Fabulous
Thursday, December 16, 2010
Wow, lots of glowing reviews!
I enjoyed the show. The dancing was good, music as good, acting was good. Not the best thing I've seen at Lyric, but definately worth the price of admission.

I am a bit suprised by all the reviews rated 5 by first time reviewers. If I was skeptical or cynical, I would think that someone involved with the show was creating new profiles and padding the reviews to boost thier egos or to drum up business. Good thing I am not skeptical or cynical and take all reviews at face value!

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