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All Shook Up, by Book by Joe DiPietro, inspired by and featuring the songs of Elvis Presley
Such a wonderful show to watch
Sunday, March 13, 2011
I just was the last performance of "All Shook Up" at Act 3 Productions and all I can say is WOW! I have never been to this theater before and was a bit skeptical when we walked into the small black box ... but the minute the music started I was sold. The cast did an amazing job (34 people in all) and all of them should be commended. The music was great, the acting was strong and comic, and the energy was boundless. I'm not going to call it a perfect show ... but at this performance, the audience was blown away (clapped and cheered all the way through}.
The show is all sorts of Elvis Presley songs used to tell the story of folks looking for love in a small town in the 50s. All your favorite hits are there.
The main character is Chad (played wonderfully by Joe Arnotti) who is a motorcycle rebel who stirs up trouble when he rides into town. Natalie, the town's female mechanic (played by Suzy Babb) falls head over heels for Chad but he falls for Sandra, the museum owner (played by Erin Deeble). You also have a local guy in love with Natalie, Dennis (played by Christopher Grider), Natalie's widowed father Jim who is also in love with Sandra (played by John Stanier) and local bar owner Sylvia who is in love with Jim (played by Rosemary Blankson). There is an uptight mayor (played by Jennifer Loudermilk) and a silent sheriff (played by Joel Rose). Everyone is falling in love with everyone and you don;t know who is going to end up with who until the very end.
My favorite parts of the show were:
Jailhouse Rock - This was the opening number with lots of dance and energy to start the show off right. Joe Arnotti was great and such a rebel.
Don't Be Cruel - Chad teaches Jim to be cool. Very funny number that even got the audience involved. John Stanier was so funny trying to be cool.
There's Always Me - Sylvia opens her heart to Jim. Rosemary Blankson has a beautiful voice and the audience broke out in applause half way through the number. She is a star!
Again, the whole show was very well done. I was particularly impressed with the fact that this very small theater had an 8 member orchestra (sounded amazing, but took up a lot of room so the stage was not really large enough for the huge cast.) The costumes were very colorful (and plentiful).
The lights were not enough at some points and some scenes felt too dark.
Accolades to all involved!
Special Recognition to:
Joe Arnotti - funny guy, great dancer, good voice for Elvis songs.
Rosemary Blankson - amazing voice, some great one liners, very convincing.
Christopher Grider - beautiful singing voice.
John Stanier - hysterical actor, strong voice, we really felt for him.
Jennifer Loudermilk - pretty voice, the kind of actress you love to hate.
We will definitely go back to Act 3 Productions for shows in the future!

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