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The Music Man, by Meredith Willson
Good Show for Fabrefaction
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
There was a lot of imagination that went into Fabrefaction's The Music Man. I was at the Saturday night performance and I left with a smile on my face. I saw their production of Rent and I was not impressed. The quality, the acting, and the overall performance was a terrible letdown. The Music Man was much better and probably the best product to come from this company. Still, the space is cluttered with a cast of nearly 40 actors and a weak technical design.

For a show like The Music Man, you must have a strong Harold Hill. Trey Getz is all song and dance. Unfortunately, his Hill lacks any sort of depth. Getz's performance is very high energy throughout the entire show, but there is no volume to his acting. The dialogue sounds as if he's reciting it from the script and the subtleties of his transformation from conman to band leader have gone out the window. Getz's performance is one of the only negative comments I have with this show. But since he is The Music Man, that's a fairly large comment.

Jill Ginsberg does a fine job as Marian Paroo and Nancy Riggs is stellar as Mrs. Paroo. Jaclyn Hoffman steals the show as Eulalie. These three actresses are worth the price of admission alone.

Aside from Hill, the ensemble does a fine job filling up the stage. Each actor has made their character really stand out (particularly the gossip ladies and the barbershop quartet.) The children cast as Winthrop and Amaryllis were interesting choices, but their performances were overshadowed by the adults.

The sound was a thousand times better than Rent. There was a great balance between the live band and the singers. The set design was an interesting concept. I really enjoyed the transition from black and white to color. My only criticism is the grade school-esqe quality of the scenery. Cheaply painted flats became an eyesore and the lighting design was very uninspired. There were many focusing issues and dead spots on the stage which became a distraction.

Each time I see a show at Fabrefaction, it gets better.


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