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The Two Noble Kinsmen, by William Shakespeare, John Fletcher
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Saturday, April 9, 2011
Our first outing to this delightful and intimate theater experience and can't say enough to let you all know how much we enjoyed the production. I would say I loved Palamon and Arcite the best because of their superb performances. I felt their love and emotional tie as strongly as they did for each other. The sword fight prelude was pure pleasure to watch. Their both noticing Emilia from the balcony was also sheer delight. But I dare not fail to say how very entertaining the country men were and their dances with sticks - well - who could ever top that? It was a hard choice between Emilia and the jailer's daughter as to their ability to act showing every emotion possible but also keeping the audience absolutely entranced the whole time.

I think it enough to simply say - great talent, wonderful entertainment, a very pleasant and enjoyable evening spent. I used to go to Broadway all the time for every new play, and even to Central Park for Shakespeare one time, but I think the idea of the Shakespeare Tavern would be hard to beat by any of it.

Don't know who to praise and thank for the delicious dinner and dessert or for the whole idea of tavern fare and theater too, but thank you very very much.

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