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A Chorus Line, by
Familiar Music, Unfamiliar Presentation
Monday, August 8, 2011
I caught "A Chorus Line", the 1975 tale of 20 or so would-be dancers/singers "putting it all on the line" for gig in the chorus of a New York Musical on Broadway, at the Aurora Theater last evening.
I have been listening to the music since the original Broadway opening, and have loved it over the years, but never got the chance to actually see the musical, as it is rarely ever performed, what with the very challenging cast requirements. You have to have quite a few quality combination actor/dancer/singer-types to pull this baby off, something the Aurora has done very well in this instance.
Zach, played very authoritatively by Aurora Theater Producing Artistic Director Anthony Rodriguez, sets the tone of the show right off, and pretty much becomes the "voice of God", reverberating strongly throughout the show, much of the time standing just behind the audience in the seats, while barking out orders and questions to the try-outs. Perhaps, a little less of this Drill Sargent delivery is in order when he and Cassie discuss their situation one on one....
Shelia, played very nicely by Meredeth Campbell, quickly becomes one of the crowd favorites, with many funny lines, a very strong stage presence, as well as one of the finer singing voices. "At the Ballet" being her showcase.
Each of the auditioners, one by one, take their turn in revealing a part of them selves in a hope THE part will become theirs...
Val, cheekily played by Courtney Godwin, gets the famous "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three", and has the crowd eating out of her hands with the risque number. I saw a few patrons heading for the exits after this tune....(this is still Georgia...)
Cassie, played very professionally by Pamela Gold, does a great job of acting/dancing/singing during her solo in "The Music and Mirror". She really appears to be the person she is playing.
Paul, played by the strongest male performer David Rossetti, is another high point of the show.
Diana, played by top company singer Marissa Druzbanski, really pulled the emotion out of the crowd, with both "Nothing" and the show's highlight song, "What I did for Love". By the time this song comes around, the crowd has become quite empathic with the characters, as performed by the cast, and emotions were running high, lotsa sobs around me.....
Marissa has a beautiful and quality tone, and really knows how to sell a tune. She should have quite the future in musical theater. Her singing was like butta....
For "One" (Reprise), everybody comes out in gold lame' wardrobe show suits, and does their "big number", but some of the wardrobe fitting was not good (pants down in the back, etc.... This kind of thing takes you out of the show, and the "magic' is lost, so lets be more careful with that type of thing...

'Go see it!

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