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The Rocky Horror Show, by Richard O'Brien
Go do the time warp !
Friday, December 16, 2011
When you think of Christmas and all the warm thoughts the holiday season brings, it is highly unlikely one of your thoughts will be a peppermint patterned transvestite hosting holiday orgies with alien/elf sidekicks. But that is what Fabrefaction is offering in their holiday musical, "The Rocky Horror Show".

I must admit, it is quite refreshing to attend a non-traditional holiday show.
I had a wonderful time- the crowd was filled with "Rocky" lovers who knew all of the participation lines, which added a great, fun, and even more risque element to the production.
I am not the greatest "review writer" (and truth be told, this is my first time! Fitting as I was a virgin for the show...) So I made a list of my thoughts about the set, character, and overall atmosphere.

-When you walk into the theater you are greeted by ensemble members dressed in naughty holiday costumes, selling drinks and goody bags. I thought this was a great touch. I was a little thrown off, I didn't understand why they were being so nice. I thought they were supposed to be in a "Rocky" character. But me being a virgin to the show, I could be wrong. The same ensemble members then play games with the audience before the show- that was a riot- especially the orgasm game! I felt like the fun ended when the director came out and gave an awkward speech...

- Jennifer Waldman (along with the ensemble and Audrey Beauchamp) opens the show with "Science Fiction". The song is well delivered and staged.
Overall, Waldman's voice is unmatched by any other in the show. However, it is not until Waldman returns to the stage (in her awesome green wig and sexy dominatrix costume) for "Time Warp" do you fully feel and hear the true brilliance of her voice- she brings down the house with her vocals! Powerhouse. Vocals aside, Waldman delivers a strong, sarcastic, and hilarious Magenta.
- Audrey Beauchamp helps open the show. Her voice is not very strong- but her facial expressions and energy shine through. Beauchamp has a sheer joy of being on stage- and it makes her so much fun to watch! Overall, Beauchamp makes an adorable Columbia. She is cute, sexy, and sassy. Also, she can tap dance- really well!!! Great performance!
- Dave Lauby was the perfect choice the Narrator. I know this was my first time seeing the show, but I would have not changed a thing! His stoic face and dry delivery was fantastic. Favorite moments: “Once in a while” and the end of the show (I won't give away the surprise!)
- Trey Getz played the part of Brad very well. I had seen him in "Sweeney Todd" last month as Anthony. I liked him much better in this role. Getz plays a nerdy asshole very well. Getz's strongest scene/moment is during his solo number "Once in a while". It is hilarious! My only critique: he can walk/dance way too well for a man who is wearing heels for the first time...
- Caleigh Allen portrays Janet. Allen delivered her lines well and looked the part of Janet. My only critique: I wanted more- especially during her number with Rocky.(Touch Me) It was my understanding the character is having a "sexual release". I felt like Allen was holding back. Overall, Allen's performance was fun and well delivered. She has a strong voice and a great look.
- Nick Battaglia as Riff Raff was very entertaining to watch. His green wig was amazing. My favorite moment: when he squirted Magenta with the can thing. It was hysterical.
- Jake Mullen as FranknFurter. He can sing with soul! Great vocals. I also loved how mean he was. I didn't know if I liked him or hated him (as a character- not an actor). My only critique: His costume. I was distracted by the mesh and knee highs not being all that flattering to his body. Best moment: "I'm going home". Fantastic job.
- Christopher Presley was Rocky. He was buff and cute. Just what the role called for.
- Dylan Murray as Eddie. The makeup job was great. He looked dead! I couldn't understand everything that was being sung, but I still enjoyed his number!
- Tatiana Godfrey as Dr. Scott. I was confused by this character- and maybe it was because I am a virgin to the show. I guess the most confusing thing, to me, was a black woman playing a Jewish, German, handicap Nazi. I don't know if that is how it is originally written, but it didn't sit well with me. I also couldn't understand what Godfrey was saying most of the time. Overall, her character was lost on me. I'm not sure if that was me or the actor. I was just confused.
- Ensemble was great. The dancing was a lot of fun! Great energy and facial expressions. Favorite moment: the car at the beginning (the windshield wipers are hilarious.
- Musical director Nick Silvestri did a fantastic job! The band sounded amazing!
- Set designer Jeff Martin had a great concept. However, the set looked a little too similar to "Sweeney Todd"'s skeleton structure. Also, a few extra coats of red and white paint could have been used in specific areas... Overall, great concept. I wish there were more lights!
- The sound was a little off. I couldn't hear certain people over the band. I am not sure if that was a sound or band issue...
- Director Christina Hoff did an adequate job with the show. I feel more could have been done in the grand scheme of things. There were a lot of great moments, but the show lacked continuity- and I am lost for the particular words, but I felt like it was not linked together- it felt like it was tossed together instead.

Overall, I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone (well that is old enough to attend- there is some raunchy stuff in it!) The actors were very engaging and a joy to watch. Everyone is very talented! You can also yell out profanity and participate in the show and throw stuff at the stage! (The actors are fun to watch- they just keep going!) Fantastic job!

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