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The Rocky Horror Show, by Richard O'Brien
I Liked It !
Sunday, December 18, 2011
This production is obviously not for everyone. It is risque, sexual and dare I say very revealing. Ok now that I said it please consider. Rocky is very fast paced as shows go. There are some issues with clarity of speaking in a few of the characters as they need to annunciate better. And to be honest there is one character that I just do not get. They have a black female actress sitting in a wheelchair playing a rabbi with German slants no less. I for one was not sure what this "twist" as they called it was all about. With those exceptions the rest of the cast was energetic and "in" their roles. Frank N Furter was a pretty transgirl and moves seductively on stage. Columbia was brilliant and has a show stealing dance. Riff Raff is very believable and his costume though over the top looked very nice oh him. The narrator was outstanding with his mono, bordering creepy voice, job well done. Brad & Janet were memorable and in my opinion got lost within a few scenes (meaning they dominated them). Their chemistry together was real and very believable. Magenta has the best singing voice in the cast. In conclusion there were 4 people that were outstanding and would not surprise me if I saw them performing Regionally and/or on Broadway someday soon. Brad Majors played by Trey Getz, Riff Raff played by Nick Battaglia, Magenta played by Jennifer Waldman and Columbia played by Audrey Beauchamp.

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