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Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling
Golden Magnolias
Sunday, March 12, 2017
I just loved ACT1s take on Steel Magnolias! In the small setting at ACT, the story we all know and love is intimate and personal. Hats off to Director Jonathan Goff and his team for a presentation that is not completely traditional. Light, shadow, color, and texture are all used to punctuate the critical elements of the story in a very pleasing and subtle manner.

All 6 actresses in the show deserve credit for their wonderful performances. Their engagement is so natural that you feel like you could be another customer in Truvys Beauty Parlor, watching the events take place. Except you get to laugh (and cry) at those events and the emotions and moments that bind these women in friendship.


Christmas Canteen, by Brandon O’Dell
Christmas Spirit to Make You Sing
Friday, December 23, 2016
What a fun show! In its 21st year, Christmas Canteen is fresh, energizing, and poignant. The songs, medleys, and mashups make sure that you will hear all the best Christmas songs with a twist(s) and the performers favorite songs are audience favorites, too. If you miss it this year, Christmas Canteen is an annual event worth your time for this year and future years. I promise that we sang along, even when it was only a whisper.

Scrooge the Musical, by Leslie Bricusse
God Bless Us, Every One!
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
I arrived with high expectations as the 1970 Albert Finney version of Scrooge is by far my favorite (and a family tradition)! Congratulations to the cast and crew of the OnStage Atlanta production, Scrooge the Musical.

My only complaint of note was some musical numbers where the music overwhelmed the voices of the soloists. But that was not the norm and my whole party noted that it seemed to only occur in Act 1.

The roles of Scrooge, Cratchit, and Tom are so very important to this telling. They keep the show moving and imbue humor and personality to the telling of the story. All three were well performed by their respective actors on closing night. The other roles and ensemble parts were equally well-cast with costumes, on stage demeanor, and acting that fit the parts. One note to an unknown cast member (I am guessing a Cratchit kid who doubled as a spirit)...the spirit who entered from stage left had the most wonderfully eerie movements as it moved toward Mr. Scrooge. They were captivating to watch.

Best to you all. Thank you for the respite from hectic days and for putting my in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!

Adams Eve, by Matthew Carlin
A Modern Fairytale
Saturday, March 12, 2016
I laughed. We all laughed. We took a chance on an unknown show and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The production moved quickly and overcame some weaknesses in the storyline to keep the message light and the production quite enjoyable. Grab a date, go to dinner, and make your way to the final weekend of Adams Eve.

My compliments to Loren Collins for his portrayal of the understandably confused Adam and to Kate Mullaney for her delightfully innocent Eve. We can hope that they change the world! The cast and crew can be proud of their hard work on this show.

Once Upon a Mattress, by Music by Mary Rodgers; Lyrics by Marshall Barer
Another Summer Hit at ACT1!
Saturday, July 18, 2015
ACT1 presents Once Upon a Mattress as its summer musical for 2015. It is a hit. Once again, ACT1 has assembled a youthful, energetic, talented cast to fill the court of a kingdom not far from Normandy. :)

Costumes are a strength and players all seem to have multiple costume changes. The costumes are rich, detailed, and create a fine assemblage onstage. Speaking of stage, ACT1 has a small theater and intimate stage but this production effectively makes that stage as large as possible. There are wings, multiple backgrounds and several large props that enable ACT1 to present many different rooms and settings.

ACT1 brings a strong ensemble to the stage. The collective voice hits all the right notes, from song, to dance, to acting. There is never a moment when ensemble members seem lost or stiff. They always have something happening, are engaging with each other, or are responding to the main action on the stage.

Once Upon a Mattress has lots of characters and some stand out...Lauren Butterfield is a strong, quirky, off-beat, and hilarious Princess Winnifred; Joey Martineck is the perfect combination of sheltered, curious, and smitten for Prince Dauntless; you will love the queen, wizard, minstrel, Harry, Larken, jester, and poor princess #12 as well.

Congrats to the creative team for Once Upon a Mattress. Your second act is better than the first!

Jerry Finnegans Sister, by Jack Neary
I needed this laugh
Sunday, March 22, 2015
A show I never heard of and it is not a musical. My expectations were not the highest but this show was genuinely funny. A simple but colorful set is the backdrop for Brian and Beth to tell the story of his crush from age 7 until young adulthood.

Eric Lang and Rachel Meggs bring the two kids to life onstage. They are believable at every age and their timing is spot on. The audience embraced their characters and laughed heartily throughout the show. If you have ever fallen in love, this show will resonate with you!

Did I like it? I plan to go again on the final weekend.

RENT, by Johnathan Larson
An Unusual Setting for a Musical
Friday, April 20, 2012
Full disclosure - I have no talent. I love musicals, but RENT is not my favorite. Feeling sorry for a bunch or whiny, addicted 20-somethings just does not come naturally for me.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the Dramatech version of RENT. The show is in the Black Box theater behind the Ferst Center on the Tech campus. It is an unusual arrangment that calls for sets throughout the space and the audience sits on boxes, chairs, and even the floor, scattered around the venue. It works because the cast connects with the audience as they move in and around the cast from set to apparatus to stage. The audience gets pulled in and even feels a bit bohemian.

Many of the voices in the show were very strong, which really helps in a show like this. Even the weaker voices are strong enough not to get lost. The acting, especially Tom and Angel (Tamil and Ty), is outstanding when needed. I understand from the aftershow that the production experienced some early sound problems because of the unusual venue and sets, but they were resolved by the time I saw the show.

The big strength also caused the biggest weakness for the show. Because of the unusual seating, sightlines were sometimes compromised. The cast encourages the audience to move around for a better view, but that jus is not realistic. At least when I could not see well, I could sit back and enjoy the was not long until the cast and the action moved to a different part of the set so no real harm was done.

Oh, and the theater encourages you to bring your own chair for this show if you wish!

Enjoy! I did!

Cirque Kuwa, by Milton High School Theater Department
Friday, April 20, 2012
This is absolutely not what you expect from high school theater, even from a program that can sweep the state awards. Cirque Kuwa is so unique, so original, and so energizing, it is just impossible to explain until you see the show.

The acting is solid and funny and everything happens without a single word. The acrobatics, apparati, and tricks make you shake your head. They are simply marvelous.

Even with the opening night jitters, everything went smoothly (at least from the audience perspective) and the crowd could not stop raving after the show.

See will be very glad that you did!

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